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Some sleep experts say the best temperature for sleep is between 60 and 62° F, some say a good guideline is between 55 and 68° F. But what matters most is that you find the ideal sleeping temperature that works best for you.

Good sleep is all about choosing cozy sheets, comfy duvets and warm comforters to match your optimal sleeping temperature. But this is all easier said than done, especially if you’re attempting to create a sleep sanctuary for two people with different preferences. Some people like sheets, some hate them! Some people sleep hot, some people sleep cold! But don’t lose hope, there’s a simple solution.

The solution is... drumroll please... layering! Layer your bedding in the same way you layer your clothes in the winter. If it gets too cold, add more blankets! If it gets too hot, take them off! Either way, whatever you do, don’t lose any more sleep over it!

Feel the difference a duvet makes

No offense to all the beautiful, cozy comforters of the world, but once you go duvet, you never go back. With a duvet, you can easily change the cover every time you want to give your bedroom a seasonal refresh or style makeover. The possibilities are endless!

Barriers of sleep