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In a perfect world, your bedroom should be an oasis of sonic calm – a cozy, comfy place protected against unwanted and intrusive sounds that interfere with a great night’s sleep. But keeping sound out can be a real challenge. Luckily, we solutions!

Soft furnishings can help keep disruptive sounds out of your sleep sanctuary. Try our heavy blackout or room-darkening curtains, which can also act as noise cancellation curtains. Also, using thicker, heavier rugs and certain types of furniture can help to isolate your bedroom, dampen vibrations and block unwanted sounds from surrounding rooms.

Now that we’ve made suggestions on blocking the wrong sounds, it’s time to talk about letting the right sounds in!

If you want to chill out before bedtime, play some soothing, relaxing music on our SYMFONISK Wi-Fi speakers and get lost in your sleep feelings. You can also use the speakers as a sleep noise machine by playing white noise that’s proven to boost the snooze factor. And you can play it on a timer so, eventually, the only sounds in your room will be you happily snoring!

The soothing, sleepy sound of silence

Our ODDLAUG sound absorbing panels are a stylish way to control sound in your space. You can soak up the sounds (like TV, cooking, etc.) in other, noisier rooms so your bedroom can remain a calm, quiet oasis of snooze.

Barriers of sleep