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A small home where vertical storage matters

Make use of your walls when the storage opportunities are few – this helps to create an uncluttered and stylish look in a small home. And with VITVAL loft bed, you free up even more precious floor space.

Shut out the world for a while (or hide an unmade bed!) with the help of a curtain by your loft bed – DITTE fabric comes in many colors, so it's easy to find one that matches your bedroom look.

SKÅDIS pegboard offers lots of vertical storage, and it can be used as a bedside table (which is perfect if you have a loft bed!). Use the different accessories that come with SKÅDIS and place close at hand necessities in them.

Provide your beauty station with a mirror that lets you check your makeup from every angle. FRÄCK is extendable thanks to its accordion design, and one side of the mirror magnifies 2.5 times.

MACKAPÄR has sliding doors and can have a ladder in front of it while still being very easy to open whenever you want to grab, or store, something. Perfect in a small home!

Turn your side table into a coffee table with a light push! Furniture on castors can easily be moved and used in different ways around the home to save space.

Open shelves next to your loft bed offer close at hand storage for your bedspread and decorative cushions when it's time to sleep, and they're just as easy to grab when it's time to make the bed in the morning.