VINDUM Rug, high pile, blue-green, 6 ' 7 "x8 ' 10 "
VINDUM Rug, high pile, blue-green, 6 ' 7 "x8 ' 10 "
VINDUM Rug, high pile, blue-green, 6 ' 7 "x8 ' 10 "
VINDUM Rug, high pile, blue-green, 6 ' 7 "x8 ' 10 "
VINDUM Rug, high pile, blue-green, 6 ' 7 "x8 ' 10 "
VINDUM Rug, high pile, blue-green, 6 ' 7 "x8 ' 10 "

The thick pile is soft and inviting – when the sofa is full, find more comfortable spots on the rug. Woven with yarn that contrasts in color, a subtle feature that adds life to the design.


Product details

The high pile makes it easy to join several rugs, without a visible seam.The dense, thick pile dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on.Durable, stain resistant and easy to care for since the rug is made of synthetic fibers.A perfect companion for all types of flooring, even those with underfloor heating.Use STOPP anti-slip underlay under the entire rug for increased safety.You will need 5 STOPP anti-slip underlays (26½x78¾") for this rug. Trim or fold if necessary.The rug is machine-woven.Designer

Maja Ganszyniec

  • Pile:100 % polypropylene
    Backing:Synthetic rubber
    Do not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.Vacuum and rotate the rug regularly.Remove dried spots immediately by scraping carefully towards the middle of the spot.Do not rub wet spots. Absorb moisture with paper towels, and clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.Professional carpet cleaning when needed.Always use the standard floorhead, never the rotating brush, when vaccuming the rug.
  • VINDUMRug, high pileArticle Number:703.449.85
    Length: 79 ½ "Weight: 50 lb 4 ozDiameter: 10 ¾ "Package(s): 1

Product size

8 ' 10 "
6 ' 7 "
1 ¼ "
58.13 sq feet
Surface density: 
13.70 oz/sq ft
Pile coverage: 
7.86 oz/sq ft
Pile thickness: 
1 "
Pile length: 
1 ½ "


Love love loveKelbdrThis rug is great!! Love the colors, the size and it is soooooo super soft!5
Very dense and cushyPossibologistWanted a larger rug for under the coffee table and immediately thought of IKEA. Found this one using the app and put it on my list. Was right where they said it would be in the store. Much nicer than we expected5
We love it!WylandWe bought this rug for our family room and we love it, the material feels so soft and the kids really enjoy it, the colors bring a warm feeling to the room. We recommend it.5
Bunch of 5Love this carpet. Impressed with the high pile and softness.5
Very Soft!ash632Needed a new rug but I wanted one that was thick and soft, and this one is perfect! The color is nice, but it's hard to describe. The white specks are more pronounced than in the picture, but not in a bad way, and there is still a lot of blue/teal/yellow in there as well. There was the usual chemical smell when I unrolled it, but that dissipated quickly. Overall, very happy with this rug5
Very fluffyDebiBThis rug is for my teenage son's room, to go over wood floors. The largest size is a great price for the area. The yarn is mixed in color without pattern. Note there is a new-rug-scent/odor that releases when new. Make sure to unroll it and let it air. I opened the window and put a fan on it for two days. Another tip is to heat the room, then air out.5
Soooo fluffy and softcschau12I bought this my new room. It's great feel on the bare feet5
Looks great! Feel wonderful under our feet. My sonComomomLooks even better in person. Very pleased.5
Super PlushemilyoregonGot this rug for my kid's room and it's so soft! Kid loves to roll himself all over the rug. The color variation hides stains/dirt fairly well too.5
Soft beautiful rugGodsGirlI love this rug, I just want to add a little color to a dull room. This rug did the trick. It also has my children and their friends laying on the floor because it is so comfy. Might need to get the next bigger size.5
So plush!SZB0490We got this for our bedroom now that we have a hardwood floor. This rug looks great, and is very soft and plush under our feet. It’s perfect for walking on with bare feet!5
Incredibly softKibsVery plush and soft. We wish we had purchased the larger size now.5
Feels great under foot.JMMR1This rug looks and feels great. My husband thinks it is soft enough to sleep on. I love the colors.5
Super soft and great colorsIYAAYASThis is the second exact rug we've purchased, need another to cover the remainder of the living room. The hold up great, are very thick and soft, and the colors are exactly what the room needed.5
Super thick and softAllison1231I bought this in August for my classroom. It’s in a lower traffic area for a classroom but kids love it and it still looks great.5
Luxuriousshill18Just a beautiful rug that is super soft with amazing colors at a great value!5
Beautiful Rug!!!!TMJ123I bought this rug a week ago for my living room! I have wanted it for 2 years and decided to treat myself for Christmas! It’s worth every penny and has completed my living room decor!5
Not sureMiddle AmericaI just put this rug out today, as new carpet tends to, it has a chemical smell. That I expected but I did not expect my kids to tell me that it makes their hands and feet feel oily. Sure enough, when I rub my hand across it, it feels a little oily. Is this rug treated with something? Has anyone else had this experience?4
So soft!TheVirginianThis is the perfect rug for our space. So soft and squishy underfoot.5
striking and softYiukigoThis carpet looks striking under natural light - the colors really pop against a lighter background. And it is so soft to touch and walk on.5
VINDUM Rug, high pile, blue-green, 6 ' 7 "x8 ' 10 "

Life moves down onto the rug

What activities are hosted in your living room? Quite a few, right? It seems living rooms are getting more and more changeable and fluid. Take the sofa. Sure, it’s used for sitting, but sometimes we lie down on it, and other times we sit leaning against it. That's why we decided to make a new rug, with new proportions and a softer feel. We studied weaving techniques, learned about qualities and tested samples with our bare feet. The result: VINDUM rug.  Read More
In traditional living rooms, often centered around the TV, we've seen the rug placed in front of the sofa together with a coffee table. But this is beginning to change. Today, the sofa is not only for sitting on. When it's full of family and friends, we're happy to move onto the rug and use the sofa as back support.

Detailed studies - without shoes

This places new demands on the rug. ”It’s on its way to becoming a second sofa”, says designer Maja Ganszyniec. ”So it must be really cozy to sit and lie on while also being aesthetically pleasing”. Maja and her colleagues started to study different thicknesses and designs. ”I became quite the rug nerd”, says Maja enthusiastically, remembering a visit at a supplier in Belgium. ”My favorite meeting was when we were eight adults walking around in socks and sitting on various rug samples to find the one with the right feel”.

The cozy hub of the home

The work eventually led to VINDUM, with a thick, dense pile where features of differing colors create exciting effects. ”It’s kind of like when you gaze at a painting from various angles”, explains Maja. VINDUM has a more square shape than most other rugs. With the various sizes, you can easily find a perfect combination to suit your sofa. We hope it’ll become a loved feature in many homes. As a kind of ”cozy hub”. A nice and sound-absorbing place to gather all of your friends.
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Put together your own rug

With rugs in the VINDUM series, you can put together a rug that fits the shape of your sofa. You can create a long rug or a broad one – or one that is both. You easily hide the edges with the thick, high pile.

Designer thoughts

"I became quite the rug nerd when I was creating VINDUM rugs. I even walked around in socks on different rugs to find the right feeling. The thick, dense pile has small features of differing colors which make the impression shift depending on where you’re looking from, kind of like a painting. The shape means that you can easily put various sizes together and create a rug that suits your own sofa. I hope it will be quite a ”cozy hub” for you and your friends."

Rug, high pile, blue-green6 ' 7 "x8 ' 10 "

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VINDUM Rug, high pile, blue-green, 6 ' 7 "x8 ' 10 "