IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "

Product details

Will help your plants thrive, even if you can't water regularly.The self-watering insert keeps the soil moist.Casters make the plant pot easy to move.Designer

Thomas Sandell

  • Polypropylene
  • The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • IKEA PS FEJÖSelf-watering plant potArticle Number:200.393.94
    Length: 15 ¾ "Weight: 4 lb 13 ozDiameter: 14 ¼ "Package(s): 1

Product size

13 ¾ "
Outside diameter: 
15 ¼ "
Max. diameter inner pot: 
12 ½ "
Inside diameter: 
13 ¾ "


Large pot with wheelsK grayLove these pots for indoor plants, they have wheels move around easily. Large too with a water spout.5
Love the wheels and watering tubeLadymcquaidCame in for a large ceramic with holes but didn’t find any. Holes are important!! Anyway, got this (X2) and love them. So easy to wheel around. Recommendation: put a bag over the tube while filling the pot with soil. It’s tough to get out of the tube, and you will get it in the tube.5
Awesome!Chendrix737This works perfect! We planted a big 3 stem plant and it keeps the soil watered for a week at least.5
Love itAnace1I'm so happy with this plant pot, not only serves its purpose but looks great in my family room, and the wheels are perfect when cleaning the floors.5
Seriously my favorite planterabqueenI always end up over watering and killing my plants, but with the handy level that lets you know when the water is low, that hasn’t happened! My plants are thriving and I swear it’s because of this pot. Good quality, price, simple design that works!5
Cakemaker5Love this so much I went back and bought another one!5
ScccIt looks good. It works good too.4
Great product for a great priceWhat can we writeRead about the product online. It was given great reviews. Only wish you had it in a smaller size.5
Worst instructions of any IKEA product everNot laughingThe instructions are so poor they're worthy of a comedy sketch. I have absolutely no idea how this works or how much water to add and drowned a super expensive plant, inadvertently detached the indicator? (I presume that's what it is) and now have to repot with a new bag of soil (but will probably just return it). I'm pretty sure there's a board room of IKEA manual writers snickering over this.1
BonnieSPI’m using this inside for a massive Easter Lilly!5
Too early to tell.Light BulbsI bought this just a little while ago. I put in my transplants. Everything appears to be going swimmingly so far. The big test will be when I have to travel. Will my plants still be thriving when I get back? Recommend it, I offered to buy one for a friend.3
Amazing!ZenniaI bought four of these, in white to reflect the sun. In a Texas summer, that and a water reservoir make life (and tomatoes) much easier.5
Love itChip DundeeGreat for in or outdoors, easy to move around5
Self watering feature doesn’t workLaura345Nice color and wheels are great but self watering feature does not work. The floating straw doesn’t float and I over watered my plant when I first planted it. It almost killed the plant which would’ve been even more disappointing. I would suggest using your normal watering can to fill up the pot before potting the plant so you can gage the amount of water you need while you can still see it3
Great price for the size and features.2veedubsNice sturdy pot with wheels.5
AkorI love this and make sure you don’t over water your plants and it looks really pretty5
sbgatorits off white not pure white4
Great value for the price!!Sarah BethLarge floor pots like this are soooo expensive at other stores. This is nice looking, holds a ton of soil, has good (interior) drainage, and rolls. I have three!5
Willyton2Great product. This is the 8th we have bought.5
Beautiful pots, self watering not workingAcciarigroupI have purchased a total of 4 of these self watering pots with the intention of re-potting some large outdoor plants and bringing them in for winter. I have found the self watering function doesn't really work. The float doesn't float, at least that I can tell, and I haven't known when the pots need more water and I end up overwatering. I have converted these to draining pots and put saucers beneath them.1

The best flowers water themselves

Ever forgotten to water your plants? A self-watering insert in IKEA PS FEJÖ plant pot keeps the earth nice and moist, so your flowers will flourish even if you water them at irregular intervals. Practical wheels make it easier to move the plant pot when cleaning etc.

Self-watering plant pot, white12 ½ "

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IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "