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A heavenly combination of individually-wrapped pocket springs that follow your movements and magical memory foam that molds to your body for enhanced support and comfort.

Article Number803.074.21

Product details

The individually wrapped pocket springs in HAUGSVÄR work independently and closely follow your body. A generous layer of memory foam nearest your body provides enhanced comfort.

Memory foam provides high pressure-relieving capacity, improving blood circulation to both muscles and skin, enabling you to fully relax.

Response coils are individually wrapped to insulate movements so you don't disturb your bed partner.

A generous layer of soft filling adds support and comfort.

Stretch fabric on top of the mattress moves with you to maximize comfort.

Designed to be used on one side only – no need to turn.

Easy to bring home since the mattress is roll packed.

The complete mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. You can read about the terms in the warranty booklet.


Synnöve Mork

  • To be completed with a slatted bed base or mattress base.

    Sometimes the mattress has a noticeable smell when you open the packaging. The smell isn’t harmful or toxic and disappears over time. Airing and vacuuming the mattress helps to eliminate the smell faster.

    All of our mattresses can be used immediately, but keep in mind that a packaged mattress only regains its full shape and comfort after approximately 72 hours. Your body also needs a couple of weeks to adapt to the new mattress.

    475 pocket springs/Full size.

    Bed linen sold separately.

  • Material
    64 % polyester, 36 % cotton
    64 % polyester, 36 % cotton
    Ticking, side:
    64 % cotton, 36 % polyester
    Ticking, underside/ Ticking:
    100 % viscose/rayon
    Polyester/viscose (rayon) fiber wadding, Polyester wadding
    Non-woven polypropylene
    Comfort material:
    Polyurethane memory foam 3.1 lb/cu.ft, Polyurethane foam 1.7 lb/cu.ft., Polyurethane foam 1.5 lb/cu.ft.
    Incased Pocket spring coil:
    64 % cotton, 36 % polyester, Non-woven polypropylene
    64 % cotton, 36 % polyester

    Do not wash.

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Do not iron.

    Do not dry clean.

    Vacuum clean.

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

  • We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.


Length: 74 3/8 "

Width: 53 1/8 "

Thickness: 11 "

  • HAUGSVÄRArticle Number803.074.21

    Length: 57 ¼ "

    Weight: 68 lb 5 oz

    Diameter: 16 ¼ "

    Package(s): 1

Very FirmPhilip E.For a medium, mine felt like a plank. The sample in the store was way softer. Will likely be exchanging for a plush option3
Not too happyAbijithBack pain occurs frequently1
Good valueKARENGood value5
very comfyMarcel J.it's a good mattress5
I've had this mattress forsergioI've had this mattress for a couple of months now and for the price we paid for it it's been great compared to the last 2 mattresses we've had that cost us almost 3k each5
Great budget mattressJoniWe like a firm mattress and the IKEA Haugsvar is perfectly fine for us. The price is right, easy to take home in our van, and it sleeps great. No complaints at all!5
DisappointedJenniferNot well liked in my house. Firm but not in a good dense way. Bought for teen son and wound up returning. PS returning a mattress to ikea difficult and time consuming process.2
Bought two for kidsMinBought two of these for my kids. Both love it. I bought the middle level firm (I forgot the name of firmness) and it’s not hard firm, it’s not super soft firm. Right firmness for kids. Good quality. Sturdy. Worth the money.5
Finally, the Right Mattress!Amanda R.We have been on the hunt for a firm but comfortable mattress for many years. We've been through several versions that were more expensive than this one and always ended up dissatisfied. On a vacation in Maine, we stayed at a lovely little B&B and my spouse declared it was the best night of sleep he'd had in ages. I emailed them and learned it was the firm Haugsvar mattress, to my great surprise. We bought one for ourselves and have been thrilled ever since. It was exactly what we wanted, and at a ridiculously affordable price.5
I love this bed!!!!ALEXANDERAs a single person, this is working great for me. 3 months in. I use it just for sleeping and, so far, it is still quite firm and giving me a good rest. I am rotate (not flip) monthly and don't plan to spend time watching TV or lounging in it so that it will increase its longevity. Easy to transport, easy to set up, All in all - I'm impressed with this mattress!!5
A little hard the firstGermanA little hard the first two weeks, but then it feels so good and confortable.5
Excellent value almost 2 yearsBETTINA O.Wanted to wait a long time till I reviewed. Almost 2 years and no complaints, no sagging at edges or in the middle. Got the Firm version and it is excellent. Bought Jan 2021, Unrolled it at home there was no smell at all. It looked misshapen but after 24 hours it was flat and even on all sides. We gave it 48 hours to completely settle. You can't "flip" these so we just rotate it every 6 months or so. Due to being on 3rd floor we had it delivered unfortunately it didn't include removing the old mattress. Very happy with it compared to spring mattress and other brands that cost twice as much.5
Too hardCHANPOUToo hard4
The mattress smells terriblemengxue t.Ever since I opened the package the mattress smells so stinky I cannot be near it not to mention sleeping on it. The smell comes from the top layer and I'm so disappointed about the quality control of IKEA mattress.1
Absolutely terrible mattress. Do not buy!Mindy F.I purchased this bed about a week ago. I’ve been waiting for it to even out and finish “expanding” after being rolled up in the box and it still hasn’t. It’s bumpy, everywhere. Like the springs are defective and only down the middle of the bed long way and short way… making 4 quadrants of emptiness. It’s so uncomfortable, my back hurts, and all they can do is exchange the mattress or store credit. I just want my money back because it’s not like I just didn’t like the mattress, it’s defective, and I don’t want to take a chance with another one. Absolutely terrible. Do not purchase this mattress. I wish I could post pictures here for you to see, because it’s terrible. The bed is nothing like the product in the store. I guarantee if they put the mattress I have on the sales floor, they wouldn’t sell even one of them.1
Not “plush” at all … more like a rockDesiree K.My husband and I purchased the other HAUGSVAR mattress with cooling gel top, at first. It only came in medium firm, and even after giving it a chance for 3 months, it was still too hard and uncomfortable for me. So, we rented a Uhaul van, drove an hour to the Ikea store, exchanged it for this plush one, and drove another hour to the distribution warehouse to pick it up. No problems, until … we set it up in our room and let it expand. We laid down on it and it felt like we were laying on a hard rock. There’s no plush feeling, no soft comfort, nothing. It’s even harder than the medium firm one we exchanged it for! And now, we’re out rental coats and stuck with it because we already did the allowed exchange. We are so upset and uncomfortable, it literally makes me want to cry in disappointment just writing this. If you’re looking for a soft bed, DO NOT get this one!1
Awesome Ikea!RogerAwesome Ikea!5
WonderfulMICHAELA great bed especially for the price5
greatRob k.great5