Home Visit: Sewing Studio

Sewing studio room featuring several stations with sewing machines, a cutting table and storage space

Home Visit: Sewing Studio

Eileen and her husband in her sewing studio where she teaches sewing and art classes

Eileen has always dreamed of having a place of her own to teach sewing and art classes. She needed a studio that could seat 6 and be flexible for different types of classes. It needed to be open enough for her to teach but, still organized and inspiring for her and her students. 

Sewing Stations

Eileen needed work stations that were flexible for different types of classes. That’s where the NORDEN gateleg table came in. By combining them with the TERJE folding chairs Eileen can rearrange the space to suit her needs. Using the SKÅDIS pegboard on the wall gives her a flexible space for supplies and inspiration.

Storage Space

Eileen’s business is just starting out but, she already has a lot of supplies to store. By using the IVAR shelving system she can adjust the shelves as needed. The SAMLA boxes are ideal for storing fabric and notions without taking up a lot of space. And the see-through plastic makes it easy to find items without having to open all the boxes.

Cutting Table

While Eileen will be teaching a variety of classes, sewing is her passion. With the SEKTION kitchen cabinets we were able to come up with an island cutting table for her. Eileen now has drawers that can store notions and large sheets of paper. Some shelves that will hold her iron and ironing mat and a pull-out cabinet at the end for trash.

Now that her studio is complete, Eileen is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with students of all ages and creating a place for the crafting community.

Sewing classroom floor plan layout


When looking at the layout of this room, it was important for us to break it down into functional areas: (1) Work Stations (2) Cutting Table (3) Kitchenette (4) Storage

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