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Quality of life: contemporary decor in a one-bedroom apartment

If your home could tell your story, what would you want it to say? One could call this apartment a kind of autobiography: it's an ultra-considered space that paints a clear picture of the person who lives here and the things he loves. Wherever you look, style, quality and well-designed details are sure to greet you. Welcome to the good life!

A neutral-toned living room with two rust-colored VALLENTUNA sofas and a round coffee table. A cream rug is on the floor.
A neutral-toned living room with two rust-colored VALLENTUNA sofas and a round coffee table. A cream rug is on the floor.

Decisions, decisions...

There's no such thing as being too selective. In this apartment, every form, texture and material has been consciously chosen, and no detail has been overlooked. Warm woods and mid-century forms make regular appearances, tying the whole home together.

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An EKENÄSET armchair with a dark grey cover and cream cushion by a window in a living room, with coffee tables beside it.
A black and white illustration of a floor plan of a one-bedroom apartment with a balcony, showing furniture placement.
A smiling man wearing a waistcoat and white shirt, holding a saucer in one hand and picking up a cup with the other.
A CHILIFRUKT glass vase on a round brown wooden surface with a small amount of water and a single flower in it.
The different textures of a light-colored BRÖNDEN low pile rug on the floor with a dark brown chair leg on it.
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Get the look

Generous forms and contrasting materials underpin the mid-century style of this apartment.

Why, hello there! Welcome in! In this film, you'll get to enjoy a tour of this one-of-a-kind apartment, with the gentleman living here as your own personal guide.

The museum of me

If fashion is your thing, why hide it behind wardrobe doors? In this apartment, the hallway becomes the home of a curated collection of hats and accessories - not only a statement-making welcome for visitors, but grab-and-go smartness for stepping out of the house in style. Learn more about using storage to showcase your personality with interior designer Chiara Effroi Lutteri.

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A black GALANT cabinet with one sliding door open. Hats on stands are on top, between a vase and a lamp that's switched on.
A black GALANT cabinet with one sliding door open showing different types of storage boxes and baskets on three shelves.
A LINDBYN oval mirror hangs over a LISABO desk with a vase of flowers and other items on it. A MÅNALG wall lamp is beside it.
A blue MIKROKLIN glass lamp on a dark surface with a brown hat behind. The bulb is switched on and it gives off a soft glow.
A brass-color KÄMPIG three-arm hook attached to a light brown sea-grass wall. It holds a denim jacket and a dark blue scarf.
See how storage can show your style
A grey INGRUN throw on the wooden arm of a dark grey armchair, with a patterned cushion on top of it.

Your own designer home

From furnishing a floor plan to those finishing touches, our online team of interior designers can help you bring your dream space to life.

An espresso is always a good idea

The elegant kitchen with cabinets in rich oak veneer keeps utensils and cookware stored neatly out of sight. But there’s no hiding this gentleman’s passion for all things coffee, celebrated for all to see with a personal barista station.

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A dark wood kitchen with an island that has a BRUNSTA pendant lamp overhead. A coffee pot and glasses are on the counter.
A METALLISK espresso maker, POKAL glasses, a cake and biscuits are on a SMÅÄTA chopping board on a kitchen countertop.
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In good company

He may live solo, but this is a home where friends and family are always welcome. The dining area is the apartment's hosting hub, with an extendable table that can accommodate all the way up to ten people.

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A GRÖNSAKER serving bowl with serving spoons, beside a chopping board with breadsticks, forks and a small bowl on it.
A STRANDTORP extendable table in a bright room with TOBIAS chairs around it and two white DEJSA pendant lamps overhead.
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Zen zone

A space to roll out your yoga mat in the morning, or hang out with a friend after work: this balcony delivers on both. Lush greenery, lanterns, and a seriously comfy chair all set the mood for some well-deserved time out.

The corner of a cushion covered in a green/blue SVARTHÖ cushion cover, on a light-colored sofa.
Two GOJIBÄR plant pots and a white pot filled with plants on a cream surface. A portable speaker is on the wall behind.
A beige KOLBJÖRN cabinet with one door open and boxes on shelves inside. Plants are on top and hand weights are underneath.
A black TOPPIG lantern containing an unlit block candle, beside an open weave basket, on top of a light wooden surface.
A beige HAVSTEN armchair with two cushions on it, on a terrace in front of a small tree, beside a SNIDAD rattan basket.
A blue TUFJORD upholstered bed covered with NATTJASMIN bed linen. A bedside table with a clock and a lamp on is beside it.

Hotel style to enjoy at home

The upholstered bed, designed by Ola Wihlborg, is the crème-de-la-crème of classic style, comfort and quality. Learn more about selected pieces in this home and the designers who dreamed them into reality.

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Five-star snoozing

He works hard and he plays hard… but he also really, really loves his sleep. With its ultra comfy bed, soft textiles and integrated light and sound, this hotel-inspired bedroom is a space that takes recharging very seriously.

A dark grey MJUKPLISTER quilted bedspread beside a cushion covered in a blue/green SVARTHÖ cover.
The top corner of the head of a blue TUFJORD upholstered bed in a sunny bedroom, covered with NATTJASMIN bed linen in white.
A SYMFONISK WiFi speaker lamp in black with a glass shade next to a grey wall with a plant trailing behind it.
A SNÖBYAR table lamp in grey-turquoise, in front of a large, rounded mirror and with a plant behind.
A black chest of drawers with a plant and SNÖBYAR table lamp on top. A rail of ties and a round mirror are on the wall.

Dream wardrobe

It’s taken years to build up this collection of crisp cotton shirts, cufflinks and sunglasses – and here is where they are all housed and admired. Inside organizers keep it all neat and accessible, so that every garment gets its own share of the spotlight.

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A grey KOMPLEMENT drawer insert inside a drawer that's pulled out, showing the compartments holding sunglasses and a watch.
An open PAX wardrobe, showing shelves holding bags and folded garments, a hanging rail with shirts, and pull-out trays.
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Self-care everyday

We all want some time just for ourselves, but the question is when? The trick, he’s found, is creating a non-negotiable routine: short meetings with himself that he schedules just like his other commitments. From a quick early morning shower to his Sunday shaving ritual, a well-organized bathroom helps to make those “me” moments possible.

See the GODMORGON series
A VOXNAN glass mug holding scissors and razors, surrounded by other glass mugs holding bathroom accessories.
A black NISSAFORS trolley with three shelves holding bottles, small baskets, folded towels, jars and a hairdryer, by a door.
A walk-in BROGRUND shower with a tiled floor that’s screened with a BASTSJÖN shower curtain, and next to a NISSAFORS trolley.
A small GODMORGON box with a clear lid filled with bathroom accessories including scissors.
A big round mirror above a GODMORGON/ODENSVIK wash-stand with two drawers. Bathroom accessories and a vase are on the basin.
See the GODMORGON series

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