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Nothing more, nothing less

The stress of the city had this couple longing for a slower, simpler and more conscious life – even before their baby came along. And while becoming parents turned their world upside down, they discovered that it didn’t have to change how they wanted to live. Their cozy little apartment embodies lived-in simplicity: furnished only with things that this new little family needs and loves, with both the present and future in mind. Best of all, at a surprisingly low price too.

IVAR shelving units with bamboo doors create both storage and display space in a warm, casual living area.
A young couple snuggles their newborn baby.

The test of time

Every item in their home was picked with a long-term view in mind – both timeless design that they’ll love forever, and durable quality that will last for years and years. Natural materials like wood, bamboo and cotton from more sustainable sources are woven in throughout, giving their home a calm and tactile feel.

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An illustrated floor plan of a one-bedroom apartment with a combined living and dining area.
A DRÖMSK glass vase with a simple fig branch adds a calming touch of greenery.
Two golden brown IDÅSEN drawer units on casters slot in below wall-mounted IVAR cabinets in pine.
The HILDAMARIA cushion cover is made from 100% cotton and features stripes in green and a natural beige.
Natural materials are at the heart of this dining area, with IVAR cabinets in pine, and a VOXLÖV dining set in bamboo.
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If only babies came with instruction manuals! See how this couple is adapting to their new lives as parents, doing their best to squeeze in their own naps and feeds in between baby's.

Little, big moments

From baby’s first giggles to a quiet cup of tea, it’s those small, fleeting moments in life that are worth making time for. Easier said than done when you’re a new parent, right? Thankfully, with ready-made snacks and prepped ingredients always in stock, their ultra-organized kitchen helps them save precious minutes for what really matters.

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A couple enjoy a quiet tea break at their STENSELE table, with a MISTERHULT pendant lamp hanging overhead.
A calm morning tea moment featuring the METALLISK kettle and IKEA 365+ mug in clear glass.
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Get the look

Light woods and black accessories are at the heart of this home's style, with vibrant accents of golden yellow and green.

Peace and tranquility

Even if sleep patterns have shifted since the arrival of a certain tiny roommate, the principles of comfort and calmness still hold true in this bedroom. Soft-on-the-skin cotton bedding and uncluttered storage lay the foundation of this dreamy, shared sleep space.

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An IKEA 365+ carafe with stopper and DYRGRIP glass are filled with water on a nightstand.
A glimpse into a warm and inviting bedroom with a VADHEIM bed and REGOLIT pendant lamp shade made from paper.
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Bringing-home-baby basics

What do you really need to welcome a newborn? This couple’s verdict: not much! The baby’s corner of the bedroom is equipped with only the essential furnishings. Every item is made from quality materials, in ageless colors and with versatility that will see their little one into toddlerhood and beyond.

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A SNIGLAR crib combined with FLISAT wall storage creates a cozy nursery corner in natural wood.
An assortment of baby textiles in 100% cotton, including SOLGUL blanket and LEN muslin squares.
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Where laundry meets serenity

One of the great mysteries of life: how adding one extra, tiny human can seemingly double the laundry! Two generous baskets take care of the extra load, made from solid poplar that adds to bathroom’s calm and nature-inspired vibe.

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A bathroom with GODMORGON bathroom cabinet and a LINDBYN mirror on the wall.
Two side-by-side BRANKIS laundry baskets in a green-tiled bathroom.
DRAGAN bathroom storage containers in materials like bamboo and cork with bottles in the background.
SALVIKEN towels in anthracite and dark beige hang from hooks.
Bathroom jars with different colored contents and a wooden brush on the top.
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Giving before getting

So, you’ve managed to pare back your life and home – but now how to keep it that way? This family’s “front-door philosophy” never lets them down: for everything new that comes through their front door, they have to give one thing away. The result? No clutter or impulsive buying – great for their wellbeing, and their bank balance too. For more tips on creating a minimal (but liveable!) home, interior designer Hans Blomquist has plenty of wisdom to share.

A SVENSÅS memo board in fiberboard and cork with various paper items attached to it.
A black TURBO clothes rack, in combination with wall-mounted shelves, creates a clothes storage solution in a hallway.
A NISSEDAL mirror in a hallway is illuminated by a SKURUP work/wall lamp on the wall nearby.
Five BUMERANG hangers on a clothes rail, with various items of clothing hanging from them.
A hallway with wall-mounted solutions like IVAR cabinets with doors, SVENSÅS memo boards and a SKURUP work/wall lamp.

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