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Living solo: a small, budget-friendly studio apartment

After years abroad with just a backpack, settling down in one place has been both an adjustment and a joy. As their first permanent address in many moons, they’ve taken their tight budget and made their compact studio apartment a multifunctional, bright and welcoming space with room to work, play and relax.

A person seated at a white LAGKAPTEN/ADILS desk below a BUNKEFLO pendant lamp with a white LACK side table behind them.
A person seated at a white LAGKAPTEN/ADILS desk below a BUNKEFLO pendant lamp with a white LACK side table behind them.

Investing in good sleep

After spending many nights on other people’s sofas, there was no question: a really good bed was a necessary investment. Sure, it meant saving up and being selective elsewhere in the home, but after a day of studying and working, climbing between the sheets always feels like a reward.

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A person hanging art next to a TUFJORD upholstered bed covered in a white ÄNGSLILJA duvet cover and 2 pillowcases.
A white GLADOM tray table next to a TUFJORD upholstered bed covered in bedding including an INDIRA bedspread.
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A welcoming, cozy living area

Whether it’s an evening with their classmates dissecting that afternoon’s exam, or time alone reclining with a book, the sectional sofas in their living area can be reconfigured for all occasions. Add in some art, throws and cushions and you’ve got a space that reflects their personality: warm and open.

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A cushion in a beige AINA cushion cover and an off-white EVALI throw on the arm of a light beige SÖDERHAMN corner section.
Two prints in black stained EDSBRUK frames against a window behind a desk with a white/birch BUNKEFLO pendant lamp above.
A shelf under a window with a white STILREN vase and three clear glass CYLINDER vases with a single tulip in one of them.
A lit MOLNART LED bulb suspended from a white SUNNEBY cord set next to a window with a partially drawn blind.
A living area with a white BURVIK side table in front of two light beige SÖDERHAMN corner sections on a white VOLLERSLEV rug.
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A table for work and play

As a student, there is always work to be done, but just as much as they need to stick their head down, they also love to feed their friends. A table with a mix of benches and chairs makes it all possible and with long, open shelves housing all their art supplies, creating has never been easier.

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A person placing a glass on a white LAGKAPTEN/ADILS desk with stools and chairs below a white/birch BUNKEFLO pendant lamp.
Two levels of white BERGSHULT/RAMSHULT wall shelves with white KUGGIS boxes with lids and a white NÄVLINGE LED work lamp.
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A black/pine plywood BROR trolley with a white TILLREDA microwave oven below an anthracite ENHET wall frame with shelves.

The compact kitchen

While the apartment’s little kitchen does the basics, a tad more space was needed. The easy addition of a cart was the answer, delivering a wheelable worktop and extra storage.

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A small bathroom for a daily dose of freshness

In their bathroom, the walls have been put to good use with both open and closed storage, and careful configuring means there is even space for a washing machine and laundry station. It all goes to show that even with a little footprint and a small budget, there is always space for more!

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A bathroom with a GANSJÖN 3-piece bathroom set atop a washstand with an anthracite/white ENHET mirror cabinet above.
A bathroom with clothes and VÅGSJÖN bath towels hanging and drying on a white/metal BOAXEL laundry combination.
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