Creative hotspots at home – that work when you do

Textile-covered, combined bench and storage unit ajar at the foot end of a bed holding the contents of a typical home office.

Creative hotspots at home – that work when you do

Getting things done at home can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have a fixed spot for it. Here are three unexpected solutions for creative activities (or more ordinary tasks) that take up space only when you need them.

Everything right where you need it – and out of sight

When space limitations don’t allow a specified workspace at home, a solution can be to keep the contents of one in a piece of storage furniture. A bench with all you need organized inside, ready to go to work when you are.

Hold that thought, wherever you go

Some time alone can be all it takes to stumble upon the ideas that need to be put into writing and drawing right away. Be sure not to let your thoughts disappear when inspiration comes along.

Creative thinking in a busy kitchen

A kitchen is ideal for parallel activities – even when the activities are very different. When there’s nowhere else to go, divide the table to make spaces for both eating and creative work. Also, a glass top minimizes time from thought to colorful action.

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Made by
Interior designer: Saša Antić
Photographer: Emma Engkvist
Writer: Henrik Annemark