Affordable luxury in a spa-style bathroom

A bathroom with blue floor and wall tiles, a free-standing bath tub, and white vanity unit with mirrored cupboards above.

Affordable luxury in a spa-style bathroom

How do you create a bathroom where you can switch off and recharge when space and budget are limited? An IKEA interior designer took on the challenge.

IKEA interior designer Fredrik Biel.

Meet the interior designer

A sense of order is vital for a room that’s all about well-being. “I designed a space to relax completely after a hectic day,” says IKEA interior designer Fredrik Biel. “I set the spa mood with a calming color palette and an ENEBY Bluetooth® speaker for soothing music. HEMNES storage gives the room a coordinated look and stops it feeling crowded or cluttered.”

Organize to create calm

“A combination of closed and open storage lets you choose what to hide and what to display,” says Fredrik. “I mounted lamps on each side of the mirror to light your face evenly when putting on make-up or shaving.” There are mirrors inside the cabinet too, and the shelves are adjustable so you can customize it to fit your toiletries.

Coordinate colors

Try simple finishing touches, like neatly folded towels that fit your color scheme. “Use baskets to store your favorite spa products, so you have everything to hand for some ‘me-time’,” says Fredrik. “While you might not copy and paste this entire room, I hope it gives you some ideas that you can adapt to your own bathroom.”

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Made by
Interior designer: Fredrik Biel
3D artist: Simone De Lulii