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5 ways to find indoor garden spaces

Got garden dreams in the urban jungle? Let’s get them growing! When you’re short on flowerbeds and veggie patches our tip is to get clever with the space you have. Here’s five of our favorite ways for finding green areas where you think you might not have any.

Got garden dreams but only a small apartment? Here’s how to make the most of your space.
Got garden dreams but only a small apartment? Here’s how to make the most of your space.

1. Think flexible. When you’re short on planting shelves try a trolley. Trolleys have the added advantage of being easily movable, which can be helpful for finding sunny spots, or ferrying herbs to the table.

2. The green divide. Room dividers are a great way to make a vertical garden that not only doesn’t take up much room, but is also a fresh way to separate your home’s living areas.

3. Maximize your existing space. Most of us probably have a few pots on the windowsill, but if you have bigger green ambitions you could try hanging plants from above.

4. The inbetweeners. The space between windows can also be prime real estate for growing. We used this wardrobe organizer so we could properly make use of the rooms height.

5. Extend on out. Of course if you have a railing or a balcony an easy way to extend your garden is by using it for hanging pots. Maybe you’ve even got a neighbor who wouldn’t mind if you borrowed theirs?

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