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Tea pots, kettles & accessories

Are you a tea enthusiast? Whether you drop tea bags into a teapot or brew loose leaves in an infuser, or want a teapot with an infuser, you can find what you need here. Browse our range to find tools to make a perfect pot of tea, from the tea canisters to the tea kettles.

Improve your cup of tea with a new teapot and kettle

Tea lovers looking for the perfect cup of tea love their tea kettles and teapots for a reason. Besides being more energy efficient than microwaves, kettles provide uniform warming throughout a volume of water through convection. Most importantly, tea kettles are designed to heat water to the ideal brewing temp for most tea varieties, as opposed to the overheating and uneven heating that microwaves provide. From there, pour your perfectly heated water into a tea pot with an integrated infuser to brew the perfect cup of tea. 

Just as you’ll steep tea leaves to add a depth of flavor to your afternoon tea, teapots and tea kettles in attractive clean materials will add a depth of style to your kitchen. Find heat resistant glass teapots that combine stainless steel infusers with durable black plastic lids. Go with timeless stainless kettles with a reflective sheen in bell or drum-shaped designs with stainless steel or black plastic handles. Find tea kettles that whistle when the water boils and have convenient black plastic spouts and top grips. 

Also find tea accessories such as tea cannisters, as well as French press coffee makers that are great for brewing tea. And when it’s time for tea in the afternoon or after dinner, make stylish tea towels and trays a convenient, eye-catching combo for serving guests.

Infuse your tea for maximum flavor 

Use attractive stainless steel tea infusers to add convenience to your next cup of tea. There’s no need to strain or sift thanks to metal tea infusers. Just add your favorite loose-leaf tea to the infuser and place in your favorite mug. Find a tea infuser with a clamped wire mesh sphere at the end or one that allows you to dunk a porous metal cylinder into your tea mug, while the metal arms keep it from sinking.

Frequently asked questions about teapots and kettles

How to clean a teapot?

The glass portion of IKEA glass teapots is dishwasher-safe. The lid and infuser should be washed by hand.

Should you clean a kettle?

Yes. Use soap and hot water for general everyday cleaning. For removing any mineral deposits, heat equal parts water and vinegar in tea kettles.

How to use a tea infuser

Fill with loose tea and either dunk the basket, or securely close the mesh sphere and submerge in your mug or cup.

How to heat loose tea leaves?

Place that stunning green tea or black tea you got from a local tea shop in your teapot’s stainless steel infuser or use one of two handheld metal tea infusers from IKEA that dunk right into your tea mug.