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What did we do before microwaves? We waited a lot, that’s for sure! Thank goodness for IKEA's convenient and energy-efficient microwave ovens and microwave combo ovens. Check out our models to modernize and add functionality to your kitchen space. 

Update your kitchen with a built-in microwave or microwave oven combo             

Looking to replace your existing microwave, or is it time for an upgrade? Whatever the reason, IKEA has affordable built-in microwaves and microwave oven combos for anyone’s needs.  

Merge smart design with the latest features   

Maximize your kitchen space with smart, built-in microwaves from IKEA that seamlessly coexist with your kitchen layout. Choose an over the range microwave that doubles as a range hood while sitting snug between your cabinets over your stovetop. Our microwaves with a bottom facing range hood will help you see clearly with sharp LED lighting while helping you breathe easy with a charcoal filter that clears the air.

Built-in microwaves can be placed nearly anywhere within existing cabinets. And if wall space is unavailable, you can cleverly incorporate a new microwave below your countertop over a set of drawers. You can also pair your microwave up with another appliance such as an oven. This can make installation easier, especially if you have to cut into cabinets or drawers. With more appliances closer together, you’ll cook faster and more efficiently.

Get ready to rethink how you microwave        

Just as video games have evolved from smashing buttons, so too has the humble microwave oven. Sure, if you want to keep it old school, the quick start function has your back for rapid heating or defrosting. But oh, it gets much better than that.

Reheating leftovers isn’t going to be your only move with our microwaves. The multi-stage cook option available in some of our microwave ovens will allow you to transform raw meats and vegetables as you apply the precision of programmed cooking levels that can be set to self-adjust during the cooking process.

Looking to cook more food in less time? With microwave power being measured in wattage, a small 600-watt microwave can be ideal for defrosting a dinner for one person. With our 1000-watt and 1200-watt microwaves, we’ve got you covered for bigger meals and multiple dishes. The same goes with microwave capacity as measured in cubic ft. Small microwaves that handle just one dish at a time can provide 0.5 to 0.7 cubic ft. of space. Our smaller microwaves offer a spacious 1.6 cubic ft. that can accommodate bigger dishes or more dishes at a time. Got a big family? Go with our 2.2 cubic ft. microwaves and have no problem heating multiple plates of meatloaf at a time or Aunt Tammy’s casserole in that whopper of a dish you’d better return clean.

Not sure how to set the microwave you choose for a particular dish or snack? No problem. Select the preprogrammed setting for specific foods and get ready to wow. Come out looking like a pro after perfectly steaming fish or veggies. Even grill—yes, grill—thin cuts of meat or brown gratins or casseroles with the grill function. So maybe it’s time to stop thinking outside the box since the smart features of our microwaves show there is some sharp thinking inside the box.

Want to come through in the clutch on every movie night? Well you won’t burn the          popcorn or miss a scene thanks to preset functions that will adaptively apply the perfect time and temperature automatically thanks to smart sensors. A reheat function that detects increasing humidity and adjusts accordingly won’t leave you steamed when you open the door. And an automatic defrost function that applies precise timing and power to keep the vibrancy of meats or vegetables intact will thaw the hearts of anyone who doubted a microwave before. 

Enjoy standout stylin’

No one said your built-in microwave had to be anonymous. Add a striking presence by choosing one with a black stainless steel finish that can match the modern look of other appliances while being designed to repel fingerprints. Or select a sleek stainless steel exterior for your microwave or microwave and oven combo. You can also keep it simple, yet elegant by going with a white microwave to perhaps match your cabinets.

Come with measured expectations for next level additions         

Match knowing exactly what you need with how much space you have to select the right microwave. So break out the tape measure to tally the height, width, and depth before any install. Choose a microwave that fits your space or one with extra generous interior dimensions if you can accommodate it. Need a microwave and a range hood but only have space for one? Just be sure to allow for 30-36 inches between the cooktop and the bottom of the microwave. And if you want to do more than simply replace a microwave, perhaps reimagine your kitchen with a built-in microwave oven and oven combo. Whatever you choose, the right preplanning will put you on course for a successful install guided by our assembly instructions and         documents.