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Here's where you'll find a tray or serving tray in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. These trays are handy for setting the table, breakfast in bed or when you want tea and biscuits while reading a book. Best of all, these eating trays are ideal for carrying cold drinks outside or around the home.

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RÖDEBY Armrest tray, black

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APTITLIG Cutting board, bamboo, 9 ½x6 "
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Find a tray perfect for you

Choose from a variety of looks and functional designs in trays to find one that’s right for any occasion.

Serving trays

Choose stainless steel circular serving trays in silver or the color of brass to add a luxurious feel to your next dinner party. The raised edges will help keep highball glasses or any hor d'oeuvres from falling off. Also find wooden chopping boards in a variety of designs and materials such as bamboo or acacia that are great for serving cheeses and charcuterie.

Armrest tray

Choose a foldable and easy to move bamboo armrest that fits over most sofa armrests to hold coffee mugs or snack bowls. Slender wooden cutting boards can also be used as serving trays on sofa armrests that are wide enough.

Bed trays

Breakfast in bed anyone? IKEA bed trays stand at the perfect height to help you enjoy any meal in bed or on the couch. Their foldable legs also make for easy storage. Available in attractive beechwood or durable plastic in white, gray, black or turquoise. The raised edges keep your coffee or laptop in place, while making eating or reading in bed comfortable.

Food trays

When you need to carry several sandwiches out to the backyard picnic table or dessert for two to the couch, use attractive eating trays in rustic wood with raised edges and handles that help you go from one room to the next without worry. Or use melamine laminate or plastic trays in a variety of colors and styles that fit in racks or atop kitchen trolleys for easy storage and room-to-room service.

Decorative trays

Let colors and illustrations pop with a square tray with neon birds in vibrant colors. Go with minimalist line drawings or colorful brush strokes in rectangular serving trays with raised edges.

Food trays suitable for serving or displaying 

Don’t just put out cakes, treats or snacks—put them on display in stunning style as you serve your guests.

Find a marble topped cake stand on nickel plated stainless steel legs. The dark marble disc with cloud-like traces of white rotates to help you decorate and put the literal icing on any cake. They’re also great as serving trays for your dining room table, hutch or sideboard. Perhaps carry a colorful funfetti cake out to the birthday girl or boy with a circular decorative tray with raised edges featuring vibrant patterns in red and blue on white for a modern look. Carry desserts or pastries out to backyard patio furniture without worry by putting them on a bamboo serving tray with a foldable mesh cover. 

Serve snacks on a narrow bamboo tray that fits easily on wide arm rests on couches or in the middle of tables. The tray comes with three handsome stoneware bowls in white that are held in place by shallow grooves in the wood. Use them to serve tortilla chips, guac and salsa verde during the big game or to serve as a platform for the kids contest on who spruced up the popcorn better.

Frequently asked questions about trays

How to clean a wooden food tray?

Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. While that’s enough for treated surfaces, any untreated wood becomes more durable and easier to clean if you oil or wax the surface occasionally.

What are the different ways to use IKEAs trays?

Serve or display cakes or charcuterie. Put dinner in your lap on the couch while watching tv—or use a bed tray instead that props itself up. Make it easier to take meals or drinks from one room to room another or outside to the back patio.

How do you use a food tray?

Use them as serving trays, to eat off of or to display desserts or place cocktails during dinner parties.

How to carry a food tray?

With confidence and grace—which is a lot easier with the raised edge and/or handles that come with many IKEA serving trays.