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Cutting boards

Check out our cutting boards. We have a big choice of different cutting board colors and sizes. You'll find everything from thick, solid wood butcher's blocks to flexible plastic ones that you can bend. Some of our range can also be used as stylish serving trays for food like cheese or fruit.

Select cutting boards for your kitchen in different styles and sizes

Home cooks have many  options when it comes to finding a cutting board or chopping board for dicing vegetables, finely chopping herbs, cutting a steak or butterflying fish or chicken for Sunday dinner. Besides protecting your knives and keeping your precious kitchen counters free of unsightly knife marks, rustic wood cutting boards are eye-catching serving platters for cheese or charcuterie boards, as well as steaks you just finished cutting. Choose from rectangular bamboo cutting boards or go with a rectangular plastic cutting board with a handle that is great for handling raw fish or poultry.  

How to choose the right cutting board

Selecting the right cutting board for food prep can come down to look as much as it can to function. 

Flexible/plastic cutting boards

An anti-slip plastic board made of high density polyethylene is a safer and easier-to-clean option for preparing any raw meat or fish. Dicing fresh, sushi grade tuna for poke bowls or tuna tartare for a dinner party? Making the same dish for ten is easier with a bendable plastic board that makes placing food on dishes simple. And when you’re done, the plastic cutting board is dishwasher safe.  

Bamboo cutting boards

A sustainably harvested bamboo cutting board is as easy on the eyes as it is on your knives. The warm expression of the easy-to-care for, durable bamboo wood grain makes them highly suitable as stunning serving trays. While the weight provides a stable, no-slip base for cutting or chopping, you can select a board set that overhangs counters for extra stability. The easy-to-grip slanted edges make it a breeze to use both sides for meal prep. You can even select a bamboo board with juice grooves that will come in handy when cutting tomatoes or carving a steak.

The benefits of wooden cutting boards

Pair beautiful color and a rustic look with the high durability of the material used for your chopping block or cutting board. High water resistance makes for quick drying, while the cut or scratch resistance surface makes them appealing as serving trays while being gentle on your knives. Fast drying means these ideal-for-heavy-use cutting boards will be back in action quickly.

How to entertain with a charcuterie board or cheese board

Think of rustic, rectangular wood boards as a wooden painter’s palette—but instead of paint, you’re going to wow your dinner party guests by putting together cheese or charcuterie boards with stunning colors. The creamiest of cheeses and condiments like honey, mustard or cherry compote will stay in place thanks to the grip of the wood grain. Check out our SMÅÄTA and FASCINERA charcuterie boards to get started.

Caring for your cutting board is easy

While it’s recommended that all cutting boards are washed before use, cleaning up after every meal is simple. Bendable plastic boards are dishwasher safe. Bamboo cutting boards or wooden chopping blocks dry fast on your dryer rack after washing with warm soapy water. Any wooden cutting boards can be kept looking their best with the occasional application of non-toxic, food neutral mineral oil.