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Dinnerware sets

Whether it’s time for a quick weekday breakfast or a candlelit dinner, set the table with IKEA dinnerware sets that combine practicality with a variety of styles so you can always give your table a personal touch. And it's more enjoyable when you know you can pop your dinner plate sets in the dishwasher afterwards for quick and easy cleanup.

Serve more with dinnerware sets with the right number of pieces

Find dishware sets that can give you the plateware you need for every family meal or the next big dinner party you’re ready to serve. Each dishware set contains an equal number of plates, side plates and bowls. So get everything you need to serve a 3-course meal or to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. Browse 12-piece, 18-piece and 24-piece dinner plate sets. Perhaps keep one set in your kitchen cabinets for everyday family use while a larger dinnerware set waits in your dining room hutch or sideboard for the holidays or whenever you’re entertaining family and friends.

Dinnerware sets in colors to complement the cooking

Feldspar porcelain, tempered opal glass or white stoneware dinner plate sets strike a clean look on modern or rustic kitchen and dining room tables. Use glossy stoneware dishware sets in neutral pastel colors including blue, gray, green, mauve, black and beige to set the table in a dining room featuring Nordic décor style.

Frequently asked questions about dinnerware

What type of dinnerware is good for everyday use?

Choose dinnerware with a clean design that is suitable for serving a variety of dishes while matching what you may already have in your cupboards. Microwave and dishwasher safe dinner plate sets from IKEA provide an affordable option in a variety of durable, attractive materials whose look and neutral colors can complement many types of plateware while standing out on their own.

What comes in a dinnerware set?

The same number of plates, side plates and bowls are featured in each set. For instance, a 24-piece dishware set has 8 dinner plates, 8 side plates and 8 bowls.

How much dinnerware is needed for six people?

Go beyond the number in your household when buying dinnerware so you can accommodate unexpected guests and cut down on washing dishes in a rush prior to serving dinner. Instead of an 18-piece set, a 24-piece dinnerware set complemented by any additional pieces could be more appropriate for six people.