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Use them as cereal bowls for breakfast, small salad bowls for lunch, side dish bowls for dinner or snack bowls in between. Whatever tasty food you use them for, we have a wide range of cute bowls in a variety of styles for you to choose from.

Small bowls for small meals, snacks and side dishes

Let small bowls play big roles from starring front and center by serving up cereal during Saturday morning cartoons with the kids, to serving up snacks at any time of day or holding side dishes such as collard greens, stewed lentils or grilled vegetables at any meal.

Find soup bowls for that homemade pho recipe that fills the house with so much warmth. Choose a selection of salad bowls to put out Caesar salad before dinner, or a light, palate cleansing arugula salad afterwards. There’s a variety of colorful options in attractive materials that can serve as dessert bowls or hold yogurt and different types of fruit at breakfast. Let glossy, cute bowls with elegant designs wow guests while furthering the look of any kitchen or dining room with modern Nordic décor.

Different types of bowls to match your table

Find bowls in the right size, look and material for any table and meal. From small or large soup bowls for serving a bit of pumpkin soup as a starter or chicken noodle soup as the main course, to small bowls ready to hold snacks or side sauces, there’s a size for every serving need.

Find dishes that lay low and go wide that are perfect for use as ice cream or cereal bowls. Select from a variety of neutral colors, including white or black or pastel blue, green or pink. Browse decorative bowls with a flare for the dramatic that spring upwards and outwards from a narrow base.

Choose bowls with fanciful designs on white stoneware that put old world craftsmanship on display while matching the look of any table with Scandinavian traditional décor. Or go with porcelain bowls with minimalist blue floral designs on a white background that will be at home with any modern tableware setting. There are glass bowls with etched curves that evoke the timeless elegance of grandma’s crystal candy dishes (plastic covered couch not included), as well as small glass bowls equally perfect for serving ice cream or sauces, as they are for food storage. Find glossy blue stoneware bowls with geometric edges ready to fit snugly in your hands as you raise it to your lips for that last bit of French onion soup.

There’s the affordable elegance of IKEA 365+ bowls that elevate the idea of everyday dishes with white feldspar porcelain. Imagine your dining room table set with white linen holding stoneware bowls with a handcrafted look from a reactive glaze that includes an attractive gold etching around the rim.

Whatever need or look you’re after, build a collection with individual pieces or buy 2- or 4-pack serving bowl sets.

Frequently asked questions about serving bowls

What can I put in small bowls?

What are you serving? Use small soup bowls at breakfast to hold oatmeal, cut fruit or cereal. Let your afternoon salad bowl turn into a dessert bowl by night—or whenever you want. The choice is yours. 

Can I leave salt out in a small bowl?

Yes. Salt cures all—whether that’s meats, fish or vegetables. Anything floating through the air on particles of dust will rue the day it landed on planet salt. That is, while you can cover a salt dish on your counter, there’s no need to.

When should small dining bowls be used?

Small, decorative dining bowls are great for special occasions, but when eye-pleasing designs are paired with durable materials, like here at IKEA, you can add a touch of elegance to everyday meals without worry.