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Deep plates

Perfect for a hot, steaming pasta dish or a stew, our deep plates come in lots of shapes, sizes and styles, so you can find what you want for every dinner occasion. You can also look out for the other plates and bowls in the same series if you want to create a matching set.

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Dinner bowls: not quite a bowl, not entirely a plate

If you’re taking a deeper dive into cooking for that special someone or the entire family, get plateware that will help you put your culinary creations on display and raise the elegance of the experience. 

Think of deep plates as providing an amphitheater-like stage for your dishes that cradles and holds sauces and ingredients in place. As opposed to flat plates, bowl plates make it easier to plate eye-catching meals and to keep the look you’re after together as you take plated dishes from the kitchen counter to the dining room table. 

Picture seared venison or braised carrots seated atop risotto surrounded by a dark moat of mushroom demi glaze. Get the perfect pasta plate for holding tortellini en brodo or for helping you twirl your Sunday night spaghetti. Besides helping you serve up brothy dishes like mussels or clams and spaghetti, deep plates are elegant serving dishes for soups, rustic bread and starters like Caesar salad that require a healthy bit of mixing free of worry about making a mess. Use bowl plates to hold aioli or dipping sauces for appetizers such as fried smelts or roasted potato wedges.

Deep plates that are right for you

Find glazed blue or brown stoneware with a crafted feel and elegant lines that will be right at home on any table with modern Nordic décor. Find wide stoneware or tempered glass opal pasta plates in pastel colors such as pink, turquoise, gray or blue that sit flush with the table or select raised white dinner bowls that are made from durable and impact resistant feldspar porcelain.  

Black tempered glass bowl plates featuring rounded edges with a square design have the perfect depth for holding thick cuts of sourdough or charred octopus with romesco sauce. There’s the reactive glaze of shallow white stoneware with gold trim that’s ready to hold grilled fish in a lemon white wine sauce over cheesy grits or polenta. Find feldspar porcelain white deep plates with a deep bowl and rim with ruffled edges for an elegant look while serving curtain-like sheets of pappardelle with beef stroganoff.

Frequently asked questions about bowl plates

What is the difference between a saucer and a bowl plate?

A saucer is a small plate or—in some countries—a very shallow bowl for a holding a cup of coffee or tea. Bowl plates, whether shallow or with significant depth, are great for holding pasta and other saucy dishes, as well as soups, breads and salads.

How big should a deep plate or bowl plate be?

That depends on what you’re serving and the look you’re going for. IKEA has a wide selection of deep and shallow bowl plates to match any need or style. Find pasta plates with great depth that cradle pastas for twirling while centering anything you’re serving. More shallow bowl plates supply a casual elegance by holding dishes like roast  chicken in vegetables in a delectable red wine reduction without fear of sauce running over the side while bringing plates to the table for guests.