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Side plates

Ideal for side dishes at dinner or sandwiches at lunch, our side plates come in a big range of styles and materials to help you find what you want. Since you can find corresponding bowls and plates in the same series, it's easy to create coordinated sets if you fancy.

Side plates for breakfast or lunch, toast or salads

When it’s time for your morning coffee, rest your scone or croissant on an elegant side plate in between bites. Spread avocado or jam on your toast on a small plate or use them to hold fresh fruit at breakfast or lunch. Small plates can double as salad plates and can be great for holding a slice of key lime pie or cookies for dessert. Starting off a dinner party with cheese and charcuterie boards? Set out a bunch of side plates on your sideboard or hutch and let everyone help themselves.

Colorful side plates to match your dinnerware

Let minimalist lines or floral designs dance on elegant side plates. A variety of patterns in green on white feldspar porcelain exude tradition and craftsmanship in true Scandinavian modern décor style. Or go with glossy, pink or gray stoneware small plates with lines etched in the slightly raised rim.

Choose the straightforward design of stoneware side plates in glossy turquoise or beige, as well as matte turquoise, green or gray. Let the timeless, smart design of IKEA 365+ small plates made of feldspar porcelain shine as they hold your muffin in the morning. Also find white feldspar porcelain side plates with a green floral design and raised lip that’s great for holding the Hollandaise sauce on your breakfast creations.

Browse square black side plates with rounded edges. Made with durable tempered glass, these plates have an attractive luster. Or evoke the look of crystal at grandma’s house with the farmhouse style décor of clear tempered glass plates with beautiful etching.

Find small plates in a variety of sizes from 6 inch plates to 8 inch plates. Building a collection is easy with affordable 4 packs. As with many IKEA side plates, you can find matching designs in coffee mugs & tea cups as well as bowls to complete a look and build a set.

All IKEA side plates are microwave safe and dishwasher safe for added convenience.

Frequently asked questions about side plates

Are side plates on the left or right of the dinner plate?

Side plates are meant to be set to the left of dinner plates.

What’s the difference between a side plate and a salad plate?

Side plates and salad plates can be one and the same. Besides salads, side plates are great for holding snacks, pastries and desserts.

Can a side plate be used for a tea plate?

IKEA side plates are perfect for tea time. Use them as a saucer or to hold the scone you’re having with your tea.