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Cooking preparation tools

Good cooking prep relies heavily on what tools are in the kitchen. With all the things you can do with food, having the right cooking preparation tools and kitchen gadgets make life a lot easier. Choose from a wide range of essentials, like a pestle and mortar (for that pesto or guac), can openers, cheese graters and more!

Essential kitchen tools

Find everything you need to prepare the perfect meal, from help organizing and prepping ingredients, to miscellaneous items that you can’t go without, from can openers to cheese graters and spatulas.

Enjoy the convenience of smartly designed kitchen tools such as:

Pestle and mortar 

Your go to helper when it’s time to make a dry rub or just crush some black pepper to top your pasta or sandwich. Use it to make mole or pesto. Made of hard marble, it’s built to crush spice, nuts and even crab shells efficiently. Both sides can be used to prep spices as the mortar is reversible.

Can openers

Unlock every can’s true potential along with your own as a home cook with a durable stainless steel can opener that doubles as a bottle opener.

Garlic presses

Scaling your paella or marinara sauce recipe out to—whoa—all your siblings and their kids coming over for Sunday dinner? No problem with convenient tools such as an ergonomic garlic press with the comfortable sure grip of rubber on the handle and a press ready for peeled and unpeeled garlic. The garlic chamber is easy to clean as it opens flat.

Cheese graters

Need to bring the cheese to make potato gratin or a heaping pile of nachos? Want thin shavings of vegetables for a salad or need to grate nutmeg on your oatmeal? No problem with stainless steel box graters with different grating slots on each side, graters with gripable plastic handles and a grater encased in a convenient plastic frame with a handle for ease of use.

Need more cooking preparation tools? Find everything you need from vegetable peelers, egg peelers, pizza cutters and meat tenderizers.

Make classic or modern dishes with these kitchen gadgets

Use these convenient kitchen gadgets while preparing a variety of dishes. The garlic press that you can break out to help build sauces for pasta dishes or for meats and fish can be used to add rich flavor to mashed potato recipes aided by the use of a potato masher and potato peeler. Maybe you’re doing pasta with garlic and clams. A citrus squeezer resting over a glass dome can help you fly through juicing as many lemons as you need. Doing a big dinner party? Find squeeze bottles that help you easily store and apply juices and sauces of any kind while cooking. Time to grill? Get meat tenderizers to prep cuts for grilled kabobs, barbecue brushes to lather on sauce for chicken and digital meat thermometers to help you know when that leg of lamb is done.

Frequently asked questions about kitchen gadgets?

What kitchen gadgets are most commonly used?

That depends on what and how you cook, as well as how many people you cook for. If you love to bake, you can find spatula sets with varying designs as well as cake decorating sets and apple slicers. While a knife could suffice when you need to cut one onion for a recipe, scaling that out for a dinner party means getting a mandolin with various settings to get through dinner prep faster.

What is the use of a pestle and mortar?

For quickly crushing spices such as black peppercorns, cardamom pods, and cloves, as well as mashing ingredients for salad dressings, guacamole or different types of pesto.