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Popsicle molds & ice trays

When it comes to staying cool, we’ve got you covered. Our range includes ice cream scoops, ice cube trays in fun designs and, of course, popsicle molds for ice pop making. Check out our selection and treat the family on a hot day!

Ice cubes made easy

Let smart design into your freezer with ice cube trays that make accidentally popping cubes across the kitchen floor a thing of the past. That’s because they’re made of soft rubber instead of hard plastic. Simply push up from the bottom when it’s time to cool down a drink. Removing ice cubes is a breeze, just like refilling and returning the ice cube tray to the freezer is thanks to the underlying support tray.

Feel that ice cubes may be a bit, well, square? Select easy to use rubber ice trays in a variety of vibrant colors that let you create ice cubes in fun shapes for the kids as well as frozen stirring sticks or hearts whenever you’re cuddling up to share drinks with that special someone.

Cool down with fun popsicle molds

No need to worry about missing the ice cream truck when you can make your own frozen popsicles with affordable ice pop makers in fun colors. Choose a pack of 4 to fill with fruit juice or a group of 6 whose popsicle molds rest in a convenient carrying tray. Rinse the mold with warm water to easily loosen your popsicles as you kick back with the kids on hot summer days in the shade of outdoor umbrellas and gazebos while lounging on outdoor sectionals and sofas.

Need more help cooling down? Find stainless steel ice cream scoops with an array of colorful plastic handles that are easy to grip.

Frequently asked questions about popsicle molds and rubber ice cube trays

What do I need to make ice pops at home?

Just a freezer, some fruit juice, a need to cool down and some easy to use IKEA popsicle molds.

How to make ice in a small freezer?

As with any freezer, air circulation is always key for effective freezing. So don’t overstock any size freezer. For smaller freezers find IKEA ice cube trays as small as 7x7” and as big as 11x6”.

How do you make popsicles not stick to the mold?

Don’t fight it. Let your popsicles stick to the mold all they want—in the freezer. When you take them out, quickly rinse the mold with hot water to loosen and enjoy your frozen treat.