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Collage picture frames

We take more pictures today than ever before. But when do we look at them? Wall collage picture frames let you fill your home with memories of people you love and your favorite art, too. Whether you need large picture frames for multiple pictures to put above the sofa or small ones for a gallery wall in the hall, we have a big selection.

Bring your walls to life with collage picture frames

Showcase the ones you love and the memories you’ve made together with artfully arranged collage photo frames. Inspire planning for the next family vacation by looking back on trips past. Keep special holiday moments and other celebrations alive as you make new memories to put in a frame and brighten the home. Or use collage picture frames to create your own gallery that shows off your art or that of your little ones. Frame sizes range from a crowd favorite 5 x 7 to 8 ¼ x 16 ¼. Choose collage picture frames with uniform sizes or one that combines bigger and smaller frames.

Arranging collage picture frames is easy

Mixing and matching the arrangement of your collage picture frames is a breeze with sturdy yet lightweight frames. For symmetry, you can place one type of collage photo frame on either side of a living room mirror. Some collage frames can be hung vertically or horizontally which makes for more playful options when combining different frame sets.

Call upon your creativity to arrange different collage picture frame sets together like a tile mosaic to tell the story of your honeymoon, your life in a different city or just cataloging your kids’ persistent cuteness. The smart snap-on function of each frame allows you to easily fix your pictures in place, and quickly replace them whenever you’d like to adjust or add to the story you’re telling.