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We talk a lot about the power of paint to easily and affordably update a room, but you can achieve a similar impact without lifting a brush by simply updating your bedspread. In most bedrooms the bed is the largest piece of furniture, with the bedspread having a major impact on the overall look and feel of the entire room. With that impact in mind we offer an extensive collection of bedspreads in a stylish array of colors, sizes and weights for every season and design preference. So go ahead and fall for our winter bedspreads, or spring for a new summer style!

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Bedspreads for every season and style

Much like we have seasonal wardrobes for ourselves, we also dress our beds differently depending on the temperature outside. Typically, bedspreads are a lighter weight than comforters, though the two terms are often used interchangeably. 

Even when using bedspreads simply as a decorative bed cover and warmth isn’t a primary concern, different materials and colors can impart a season-appropriate vibe. Let’s pull back the covers on a few bedspread tips to consider in finding the perfect fit for your space…

Quilted bedspreads add timeless charm and warmth

There’s a very good reason we offer quilted bedspreads in soft solid neutrals, bolder colors and pretty patterns—they’re a perennial favorite in all shades and styles. Quilted bedspreads can be minimal and modern, cottage chic, traditional and every style in between. As an added benefit, the quilting isn’t only an aesthetic feature, it also helps your bedspread better retain heat.

Lightweight bedspreads are ideal for summer nights

If you’re like many people, even on the hottest summer nights you simply can’t fall asleep without some type of blanket—even if it’s only covering a single toe! Our lightweight bedspreads are the perfect solution, offering a touch more warmth and weight than a top sheet to help you in falling asleep, while being easily tossed aside if the temps climb in the night.

Cotton bedspreads offer easy-care softness for every season

Among our favorite bedding materials are pure cotton and cotton blends, largely thanks to them often only getting softer with every wash. A natural, skin-friendly, absorbent fiber, cotton helps keep you cool on warm nights and warm on cold nights. It’s also typically among the simplest fabrics to care for thanks to its machine washability, making it easy to keep your bedding fresh without an added trip (or expense) at the cleaners.