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Scandinavian interior design & decor

Folkloristic, well-crafted and extremely cozy— Scandinavian home design aims to achieve a sense of warmth and contentment — what Scandinavians call “hygge” — by bringing natural and organic elements into the home. Explore affordable home furnishing accessories and Scandinavian decor ideas for every space in your home.

How to bring Scandinavian style into your home

A clutter-free and minimal space with lots of natural light and organic materials is a must to achieve the harmony and tranquility of Scandinavian interior design. For colors, earth tones and neutrals are the best way to create a soothing balance and give your space that light, airy feel that Scandinavian style brings. And you can never go wrong with fun accents of bright colors that complement your earthy palette!

When decorating your space, look for natural and organic materials, as well as handmade elements that have folkloric charm. Give any room a Scandinavian feel with textured, cozy textiles made from wool, linen or cotton. Opt for traditional weaving patterns, like stripes, or motifs inspired by flora and fauna. Mix and match a variety of textures and materials to master that lived-in cozy vibe. Don’t forget to add some personal touches to your shelves with Scandinavian decor pieces crafted in stoneware, glass or terracotta.  

Most importantly, your space should be welcoming and comfortable, so that it promotes a happy and harmonious feeling for you and your guests.