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Mid century modern: interior design & decor

Bold, clean and classic— It is this simple combination that makes mid-century design such a timeless style. Explore affordable home furnishing accessories and mid century modern decor ideas for every space in your home. 

How to bring mid century modern style into your home

Mid-century modern interior design is all about balancing a simple and functional space with a modern and playful flair. Start with a neutral base and lots of warm woods throughout your space. Then, play with colors and shapes that pop to add personal touches to your space. Pair colorful accessories with geometric patterns and sleek, modern furniture to create mid century magic in any room!

A defining aspect of mid century modern style is mixing different materials like plexiglass and plastic with natural materials like wood or glass. Pairing warm woods with metals, glass, or vinyl creates contrast and gives any space a modern twist.

Suit your retro ambitions in a modern world with mid century modern style.