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Design advice from the design-obsessed

We admit it, we are kind of obsessed with your home. Not just your home but all homes - and we are always thinking up ways to make your life at home better. Check out these affordable, beautiful and sustainable ideas for your space from our IKEA designers.

Creating space for self-care

    Wellness ideas for healthier homes

    From meditation and mindfulness to simple, quick relaxation exercises you can do during work breaks, taking time for mental health and wellness is a must.

    Working and studying from home

      Get home office and home school tips

      Learn how to make a comfortable, efficient home office or study space that promotes creativity and productivity for everyone.

      Creating your outdoor oasis

        Make your very own staycation paradise

        How to transform your backyard, patio or deck into a fun, comfortable space where your family can relax, share meals and enjoy quality time together.

        Getting organized to live happier

          Pro tips for tidying up every room

          Discover tips for successfully organizing every nook and cranny of your home so you can make the most of your space.

          Living sustainably at home

            Simple tips for being more eco-friendly

            Check out these easy ways your everyday life at home can be more sustainable, including recycling, using LED bulbs and meal planning.

            Sharing space with kids

              Tips for a happier and more kid-friendly home

              Discover new ways to design your home with kids in mind so your shared spaces can be more functional, creative and inspiring for everyone.

              Cooking, baking, dining!

                Get cooking, dining and recipe tips

                From smart meal planning to hosting and getting the most of your ingredients, get expert advice on making and enjoying delicious food.