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New SAGOSKATT soft toys – designed by kids, for kids

It’s time to meet the gang! Six winning characters have been transformed from coloring pen and paper to cuddly new soft toys for SAGOSKATT 2019, due to hit stores this autumn. They’re limited edition, so catch them while you can.

A drawing of an imaginary robot next to a picture of the same robot turned into a soft toy.
A drawing of an imaginary robot next to a picture of the same robot turned into a soft toy.

Get hugs from a loveable monster

“Little Monster is ready to give hugs all over the world. I hope that children will hug Little Monster and not be afraid of the dark or nightmares anymore,” says nine-year-old Thomas from Greece who designed the loveable monster that can’t wait to come home with you.

Hang out with a happy giraffe

Be charmed by the big smile drawn by six-year-old Claudia, who is from the Spanish Islands, on her giraffe design. “I have drawn a giraffe who isn’t like the rest. She’s a bit different. Day-to-day, Rainbow Giraffe eats healthily, she’s a bit mischievous and very loving.”

Make mischief with Gurki the cucumber

This fun-loving character has also got an important role to play. “I love to eat cucumbers. By playing with Gurki, I hope that it will motivate other children to eat more cucumbers, too. He will be a superhero for many children!” says Gurki’s creator, nine-year-old Killian from Germany.

Dream big with a radiant rainbow

Now we finally know what we’ll find at the end of the rainbow – a pair of fuzzy socks! Rainbow Kid was designed by five-year-old Darren Wing Hei from China, whose parents said: “Darren was thinking about the rainbow in the sky as he loves it so much. He was afraid the rainbow would feel cold, so he drew socks for it!”

Make Jesse part of the family

Seven-year-old Noor from Jordan drew Jesse, a buddy with balloons who’s always ready to party. “I want kids to play with my toy at the same time they play with their other toys, and for them to be like a family.”

Created for a good cause

The soft toy drawing competition is part of the annual IKEA Let’s Play for Change campaign, which sees designs submitted by children from all over the world. Lucky winners get to see their drawings put into production for the SAGOSKATT range and all proceeds donated to children’s charities.

Don’t miss this! The limited edition SAGOSKATT 2019 collection will be in stores from November.