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Food & beverages

New year, new healthy habits

At IKEA we believe healthy, planet-friendly and delicious foods should be easily available for everyone. Our ASC certified SJÖRAPPORT salmon, HUVUDROLL plant balls and BÄSTISAR grains are just a few that will give you a healthy start to the new year.

A breakfast table with two cups of tea, juice and two bowls of HJÄLTEROLL muesli with cocoa, dried berries and bananas.
A blue plate with SJÖRAPPORT cold smoked salmon nicely presented with sunflower seeds and fresh herbs.
A fork in stainless steel and white bowl containing BÄSTISAR organic pasta, parsley and olive oil, on a wooden surface.
A table with four white bowls containing HUVUDROLL chicken meatballs, veggie balls, meatballs and salmon and cod balls.
A kitchen worktop with a bag of FRUKTSTUND mango and pineapple smoothie next to a glass of smoothie and a tablespoon.
A cooked IKEA plantball on the end of an upright silver fork, against a green and white, check pattern background.

Compared to that of a meatball, the climate footprint of an IKEA plant ball is only 4%.

Swedish heritage never tasted better

Want a treat you can feel good about? The BELÖNING chocolate bars are all UTZ-certified, which means sustainable farming and fair conditions for workers. Why not try the creamy milk chocolate blended with lingonberry pieces, which is a celebration of our Swedish roots. So yummy!

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Two BELÖNING chocolate bars leaning against a green wall, another bar is laying on top of a book and a pair of scissors.
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EGENTID tea – different flavours of time out

A cup of delicious EGENTID tea is a great way to grab a moment on your own, or to catch up with friends. It’s also UTZ certified to help improve producers’ conditions.

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A cup of steaming EGENTID black chai tea with ginger and elderberries, on a wood table, by a packet of the tea.
A cup of EGENTID tea beside a bowl of chai and chilli roasted chickpeas and an open thermos flask on a wooden table.
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