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Food at IKEA

Enjoy a taste of Sweden that’s delicious, sustainable, and nutritionally balanced when you try the food at IKEA while you shop in our store. Our carefully-selected ingredients for all IKEA food items are certified to ensure they meet the social and environmental responsibility standards.

IKEA Restaurant

Bistro | Café | Swedish Food Market

While you’re at the store, take some time to relax and refresh in the IKEA restaurant. Pop in for a quick snack or stay for a leisurely breakfast, lunch, or dinner – the whole family is welcome to taste all IKEA food items. Among the Swedish-style dishes and local specials on the menu you’ll find healthy, organic, and vegetarian food at IKEA, so everyone leaves satisfied.

A tasty icon

The popular IKEA meatball – served with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, and lingonberry jam (a berry native to arctic areas in the north) – is a taste of Swedish culture on a plate. Our IKEA food co-workers also searched the globe to understand how people might use meatballs in their own cooking and culinary choices. With these findings, they developed meat and not-meat ball options that are sustainable to the planet and appeal to our customers too.

Responsibly sourced goodness

Food at IKEA is both delicious and nutritious. For instance, salmon makes for a tasty meal and a good part of a healthy diet. A couple servings of fatty fish like salmon every week will add important nutrients to your diet.

Read more about how IKEA sources its food items
Read more about how IKEA sources its food items
    • An ocean full of flavor

      We obtain all our fish and seafood in a way that respects the delicate marine ecosystems.

      All seafood served and sold at IKEA comes from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified vessels and is harvested from its natural environment. In this way, we promote sustainable fishing and protect seafood supplies for future generations.

    Swedish Food Market

    Bistro | Café | Restaurant

    You can always find organic food items at IKEA. Take a look at our goodies at Swedish Food Market, such as lingonberry jam, coffee and cookies. There's a taste of Sweden for everyone to bring home.

    The meatless meatball

    Our plant balls are packed with nutrients and are made from pea protein, oats, potatoes and apple, with only 4% of the climate footprint from its meaty counterpart. Developed with meat lovers in mind, the plant ball is sustainable and suitable for the diets of the many.

    Read more about our plant balls
    Read more about our plant balls

    From cold waters

    The SJÖRAPPORT series is defined by the responsible fishing from Scandinavia's cold seas. At IKEA, we believe that fish farming is the solution to the problem of declining fish stocks. Our salmon comes from Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified farms and need little to no chemicals and antibiotics. Enjoy the taste of freshness with every slice of salmon cured with only natural ingredients when you try our food items at IKEA.

    Chocolate you choose matters

    Our chocolate food items at IKEA are both sweet and sustainable. We're proud that our chocolate is made from UTZ-certified cocoa that has been grown responsibly. Cocoa farmers who join the UTZ program are trained to implement farming methods that increase yields while decreasing cocoa plantation deforestation. By buying chocolate with the UTZ logo, you are supporting positive changes for people and the planet.

    Trace the cocoa origins of our chocolate
    Trace the cocoa origins of our chocolate

    Flavors in harmony

    Meatballs are the best known of all Swedish dishes, and among all the food we serve at IKEA, our meatballs are no exception. Served with the lingonberry jam, the unexpected sweetness creates a contrast with the savory taste of the meatballs. Or, pair it with biscuits, and you've got yourself a quick snack. The lingonberry jam makes for a flexible condiment that creates balance in every bite.


    Café | Restaurant | Swedish Food Market

    If you feel like having a nibble after some heavy-duty shopping, freshen up at our IKEA Bistro for some light food items. Grab a snack and refresh yourself with our variety of beverages or indulge in some cool dessert.

    Going green with plant-based goodness

    The veggie hotdogs require less water and soil to feed just as many while making a smaller carbon footprint. Healthy and sustainable food should be delicious and affordable to inspire customers to make better everyday choices.

    Read more about our veggie hot dog
    Read more about our veggie hot dog

    A quick fix, any time

    On-the-go consumption continuously grows as a reflection of a busy and modern lifestyle. As a result, easy, accessible and quick bites are sought after more. Made for our customers who want to enjoy a treat at low prices, the hot dog at the IKEA Bistro remains a delicious snack for the many.


    Bistro | Restaurant | Swedish Food Market

    Indulge yourself in the delicate flavors and aroma of our freshly brewed premium coffee or enjoy our selection of tasty bites, food items, and beverages at affordable prices with the cozy atmosphere - for the fresh start of the day or right after the shopping saga at IKEA.

    Invigorating goodness in a cup

    What makes our PÅTÅR coffee special? PÅTÅR beans come from the White Nile region in Uganda, where the soil and climate give the cherries a sweet and mildly fruity unique flavor. The cherries are handpicked and sorted before going through a gentle roast, which produces the aromatic quality of the coffee. All PÅTÅR beans are also high quality, organic and UTZ-certified, allowing us to help the farmers and the planet, and ensuring tasty coffee for our customers.

    Learn more about PÅTÅR coffee
    Learn more about PÅTÅR coffee
      • Meet the coffee farmers in the White Nile region that grow the beans for our PÅTÅR special edition coffee.

      Learn more about our sustainability efforts for our food items at IKEA

      Learn more about our sustainability efforts.

      Sustainable everyday