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A wardrobe system fitted to you

Our PAX wardrobe system lets you organize the inside of your wardrobe to match your things, not the other way round. Lots to hang? Choose more hanging rails. If shelves are your thing, add them in. The possibilities are endless. The only certain thing is a feeling of calm – with the doors open and closed.

See the PAX system
A PAX/MEHAMN wardrobe with the door slightly open showing two layers of hanging rails with jumpers and jackets on them.
A PAX/MEHAMN wardrobe with door slightly open showing four shelves, holding trainers and folded jumpers in a pile.
See the PAX system

A wardrobe and more to match

With a wardrobe, sideboard, TV bench and much more, the VIHALS series makes your home storage easier. The matching pieces are easy to combine and easy to use in new ways as your life changes. And they have a simple, stylish design that’s easy to live with for a long time.

See the VIHALS series
A white VIHALS wardrobe, with one door open and clothes, boxes and bags inside, stands in a recess in a bedroom.
A white VIHALS TV bench stands against a wall in a bedroom under a wall-mounted TV and next to a white VIHALS sideboard.
See the VIHALS series
A PAX/SVARTISDAL wardrobe in a grey bedroom with one door open showing clothes in piles on shelves and on a hanging rail.

Getting the best from a wardrobe

Looking for a new wardrobe or want to get more from the one you have? Here are lots of tips to help you organise a wardrobe so you can find your clothes and accessories more easily.

See the wardrobe tips

Wardrobes and more for a coordinated look

You can choose storage furniture from a system so that it all matches.

PLATSA system – Flexible, modular storage that makes the most of any space
PAX system – Personal storage where you can choose exactly what you want
BOAXEL system – Open storage that’s easy to adapt to your needs