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Ways to shop

Everyone deserves to feel at home. When shopping at the IKEA store, we offer an experience that welcomes you to try, touch, and feel our products. Explore our range and get inspired with our home furnishing ideas. Prefer to shop online? Don't worry, we've got your back. You can buy our online range and have it delivered to you wherever you are in the Greater Manila Area.

Showrooms that are not just for show

Shopping at IKEA Philippines is an experience, and our stores have more than 50 room settings created with IKEA products. Open the wardrobes. Stretch out on a bed. See how many people you can fit on a sofa. Let your children test out the toys. Make yourself at home!

Market hall

The market hall is a collection of specialty shops. You'll find everything from candles and cookware to towels and taps. Shopping on this side of IKEA means filling up our big yellow shopping trolleys to put a finishing touch on all your rooms!

Do it yourself

We are proud of our price tags. Each one comes with all the information you need to make decisions. Find out the product size, color, material, measurements, and features. Tags on large items in the showroom tell you where to pick them up in the self-serve warehouse.

Or ask for help

Plan and calculate your purchases, look up more information at the Information kiosks found in many areas of the store. Planning for a new kitchen? Need an expert to decide on accessories for your wardrobe? Our friendly co-workers are standing by to lend a hand and answer questions. Shopping for an inspiring home has never been easier at IKEA.

A taste of Sweden

We believe no customer should shop at IKEA on an empty stomach. Find out why our Swedish meatballs are as popular as our furniture. Or just take a break with ice cream and coffee at our Swedish Bistro. If you enjoy our foods at the restaurant, visit the Swedish Food Market to bring home frozen meatballs or seafood to enjoy at home! Smakligmältid!

Bring the kids

Have more fun by taking the kids along to test out toys and home furnishings at children's room settings. IKEA also provides clean feeding and changing rooms.

Home delivery and assembly

Can't take your shopping home via jeepney or bus? Don't have time to put it all together? We can help. While doing your part helps keep our prices low, for a small fee we can pick products from the self-serve area for you, deliver them to your home and assemble, too. We can even sew your curtains or install a kitchen.

Order online

Our first IKEA store in Manila is already under construction at the Mall of Asia Complex, so that many people can experience and enjoy the wonders of shopping at IKEA and having IKEA products in their homes. But if that’s too far or out of the way, worry not as shopping at IKEA can be a lot more convenient for everyone in Greater Manila Area. Later on, we will introduce more options to shop, like an online store where you can enjoy the benefits of IKEA products without having to leave your most precious home.

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