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Swedish Bistro

Customers can relax and recharge by having a hot snack and a cool drink at IKEA Bistro, where it feels easy to access and welcoming after a long journey in the store. Its Scandinavian expression and the fresh atmosphere make it the obvious choice for a quick stop.

Swedish Bistro is located on the 3rd Level of IKEA Pasay City and is open daily, from 10 am to 10 pm. The Swedish Bistro at level 2 opens daily, from 9 am to 10 pm.

Bistro combo

French fries

Combo 2
Hotdog + Nordic drink + soy-based ice cream

Combo 3
Empanada + ice cream + Nordic drink

Hot snacks


Add-on chili con carne

Veggie hotdog
Add-on red cabbage and onion

Mexican chicken empanada

Pork picadillo empanada

Desserts and pastries

Soy-based ice cream

Cookies and cream donut 

Heart donut

30 Jan - 28 Feb 2023 | While stocks last 


Chicken wings

2 pcs. ₱145
4 pcs. ₱275
6 pcs. ₱355


Brewed coffee

Hot tea

Nordic drink
Lingonberry, elderflower, lemon, pear, raspberry, or cola

Swedish Bistro on the bridge


Chicken Caesar sandwich

Chicken, onion & cheese sandwich

Hot snacks


5 pcs. ₱75
10 pcs. ₱150

Cold beverage

Cold brew 16 oz.

Caramel/Vanilla cold brew latte 16 oz.

All items are available for in-store purchase only.

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