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Breathe more with a cozy garden

With the right kind of storage, shade and comfortable furniture, you’ll be able to rest, relax and recharge the hours away. Probably to ignite a gardening hobby, too?

See all outdoor furniture
See all outdoor furniture
Storage tips on how to maximize an outdoor area.

Storage to level up your patio

Outdoor cabinets, storage boxes and shelves give you lots of useful storage space – and with everything well-organized you can unlock your patio for so much more.

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Spice things up

Be the best host of the party and spice things up with VARDAGEN and IKEA 365+ IHÄRDIG for more outdoor fun!

See all outdoor accessories
See all outdoor accessories
A birch kitchen trolley, a bamboo shelving unit, a cabinet and wall storage with plants and gardening items all around.

A balcony garden extending your home

Make your balcony a space for getting deep into your gardening hobby. All the greenery, storage that keeps things tidy and rich lighting help create an atmosphere that adds an exciting extra room to your home.

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Create harmony with matching outdoor styles

Get all the seating, tables and storage you need to take your indoor comfort outside.

TORPARÖ series
ÄPPLARÖ series
LÄCKÖ series
TORDH system

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