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Laundry & cleaning

Care for your clothes in all the right places

When you have limited access to laundry facilities, making the handling more flexible can be a lifesaver. Like hang-drying in the bedroom, ironing at the dinner table, and – when a gentler alternative to washing will do – airing your garments by a window.

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Clothes on SLIBB hanging pegs and a SLIBB hanger, arranged on a white MULIG drying rack next to a bed.
Hang-drying garments on SLIBB hanging pegs and a SLIBB hanger, arranged on a white MULIG drying rack.
In a corner of a softly lit wood-floor room stands a black TURBO clothes rack with garments hung on black BUMERANG hangers.
A light-blue TORKIS laundry basket, a JÄLL table ironing board and other laundry-care items set up around a kitchen table.
Various clothes on black BUMERANG hangers placed on a black rod. A white SLIBB washing bag is attached to one of the hangers.
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A tidy truth about cleaning

Have you noticed how much easier it is to begin cleaning your home when your cleaning accessories are well organised? That they’re stylishly colour coordinated doesn’t hurt, either.

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PEPPRIG microfiber cloths, a PEPPRIG spray bottle and the parts of a PEPPRIG cleaning set spread out on a stone-tiled floor.
PEPPRIG set on the floor.
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Organize your laundry area with JONAXEL

Make everything in your laundry area easy to see, grab, and store with  JONAXEL – a solution that keeps all your things organized so that everyone can find their shirts, towels, and linens anytime.

Laundry room ready for change

Every Filipino home has a dedicated laundry area. We’re used to tucking away that little nook and transforming it after use. A room that constantly changes require furnishings that can change with it.

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