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Dining in – the new dining out

Turn every meal into something special. With more time to prepare, you can make every family meal special. Rediscover those old family recipes, soak the beans overnight, and let the stew slow-cook to perfection. When dinner is ready, your whole family can enjoy both the food and the conversation with the right atmosphere.

Make Home Count.

Preparing your meals

Every home cook and professional chef will agree that a good quality kitchen utensils is THE most important thing to have when it comes to food preparation. At IKEA, you can find a wide range of high quality tools and utensils you need to produce the best meal of your life.

There's no taste like home

Quality cookware for quality food. Having a selection of good quality pots and pans specifically based on your needs might even inspire you to spend more time preparing healthy, homemade meals.

Treat yourself

There is no better way to show your love to yourself & your loved ones than a homemade treat. Best thing about making your own treat is that you can make it exactly how you like it. Fresh sourdough bread for breakfast? Fudgy brownies for dessert? We say yes!

For a finer dining experience

Elevate your homecooked meals further with our range of beautiful dinnerware. There is no better way to improve the dining experience by having your meals presented in aesthetically-pleasing plates, bowls and even drinking glasses.

Create the right atmosphere

Nothing brings people together like a good meal. Or, if you ask us, a good dining set-up. This is the perfect place to catch up over a lovely meal and to connect offline at the end of the day. Our versatile dining products are geared to all manner of gatherings. Sometimes foldable. Often extendable. Always comfortable!

When all that's left are leftovers

Whether you are storing leftovers or prepping for this week's lunches, the IKEA range of food containers are here to seal in taste so you can enjoy your food for days to come and save time and money too.

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