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Dining chairs

Dining chairs don’t just have to feel good when you sit on them, they need to look good, too. Ours have the right proportions to be comfortable, even if you like to linger over dessert. They come in different styles so you can find what best suits you. And we’ve designed them to match our tables if you want to coordinate your dining area.

Complete your dining setup with our wider range of Stools & benches, Chair pads and Dining tables.

An exquisite dining experience that won’t cost you a fortune

No need to play Musical Chairs next time you have guests over: the new PĂ…BODA chair is the ideal mix of comfortable design, stylish look and affordable price. Stock up on these for long dinners, big parties, awkward family gatherings and even post-meal naps.

Several PĂ…BODA chairs, in dark grey, placed in an irregular display arrangement in a bright red room.
A view of a dark grey PĂ…BODA chair from above in a bright red space, highlighting the seat and backrest.

Come for the food, stay for the comfort

Do you know the chair that everybody loves? The one that guests are reluctant to get up from? It’s the new MÅRENÄS chair, a true dining room hero. Its superpowers? High backrest, armrests and spring seating topped with foam padding. It comes with a washable red costume, too.

A MĂ…RENĂ„S chair, in black and Gunnared-brown, with armrests, placed in profile in a room with green floors.
The seat and parts of the frame of a MĂ…RENĂ„S chair, in black and Gunnared-brown, with armrests in a colourful space.

Chairs bursting with personality

Modern, quirky, bohemian or traditional, we have a wide range of comfortable dining chairs to suit every taste. Like this funky red-brown chair with soft seat and curved backrest. Or this rattan chair that makes a great addition to your dining table and adds a artsy boho touch to any living space.

Red-brown Ă–STANĂ– chair sits partially on top of a wool rug in a light-filled room. Shadows fall across the floor.
A close-up of two Ă„LVSTA rattan chairs sitting side by side, on top of a wooden floor. Sunlight filters through the room.