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Two-seat sofas

A two-seater fabric sofa is a perfect choice for a smaller room or together with a larger sofa in the living room. It gets you closer to your favourite company in front of that thrilling tv-series or the open fireplace. And of course, it’s also the perfect choice for a home-alone night.

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More optionsGLOSTAD 2-seat sofa

GLOSTAD 2-seat sofa, Knisa medium blue

More optionsEKENÄSET 2-seat sofa

EKENÄSET 2-seat sofa, Kelinge grey-turquoise

More optionsPÄRUP 2-seat sofa

PÄRUP 2-seat sofa, Gunnared dark greyPÄRUP 2-seat sofa, Vissle greyPÄRUP 2-seat sofa, Vissle dark green

More optionsLINANÄS 2-seat sofa

LINANÄS 2-seat sofa, Vissle dark grey

More optionsKIVIK Compact 2-seat sofa

KIVIK Compact 2-seat sofa, Tibbleby beige/greyKIVIK Compact 2-seat sofa, Kelinge grey-turquoiseKIVIK Compact 2-seat sofa, Tresund anthracite

More optionsKLIPPAN 2-seat sofa

KLIPPAN 2-seat sofa, Vissle blueKLIPPAN 2-seat sofa, Kabusa dark greyKLIPPAN 2-seat sofa, Vissle yellow-green

More optionsEKTORP 2-seat sofa

EKTORP 2-seat sofa, Totebo light beigeEKTORP 2-seat sofa, Hallarp greyEKTORP 2-seat sofa, Remmarn light grey

More optionsESSEBODA 2-seat sofa

ESSEBODA 2-seat sofa, Knäbäck/light beige birchESSEBODA 2-seat sofa, Knäbäck light beige/brownESSEBODA 2-seat sofa, Tallmyra/blue birch

More optionsSMEDSTORP 2-seat sofa

SMEDSTORP 2-seat sofa, Viarp beige/brown/blackSMEDSTORP 2-seat sofa, Djuparp dark green-blue/birchSMEDSTORP 2-seat sofa, Djuparp dark green-blue/black

More optionsLANDSKRONA 2-seat sofa

LANDSKRONA 2-seat sofa, Djuparp dark blue/metalLANDSKRONA 2-seat sofa, Djuparp dark blue/woodLANDSKRONA 2-seat sofa, Gunnared dark grey/metal

More optionsLÅNGARYD 2-seat sofa

LÅNGARYD 2-seat sofa, Lejde grey/black/metalLÅNGARYD 2-seat sofa, Lejde grey/black/woodLÅNGARYD 2-seat sofa, Lejde light grey/metal

More optionsGRÖNLID 2-seat sofa

GRÖNLID 2-seat sofa, Sporda naturalGRÖNLID 2-seat sofa, Ljungen medium greyGRÖNLID 2-seat sofa, Sporda dark grey

More optionsSÖDERHAMN 2-seat sofa with chaise longue

SÖDERHAMN 2-seat sofa, with chaise longue/Viarp beige/brownSÖDERHAMN 2-seat sofa with chaise longue, Gransel naturalSÖDERHAMN 2-seat sofa with chaise longue, Fridtuna dark grey

More optionsVISKAFORS 2-seat sofa

VISKAFORS 2-seat sofa, Lejde light beige/birchVISKAFORS 2-seat sofa, Lejde grey/green/brownVISKAFORS 2-seat sofa, Lejde anthracite/brown

More optionsBACKSÄLEN 2-seat sofa

BACKSÄLEN 2-seat sofa, Katorp naturalBACKSÄLEN 2-seat sofa, Hallarp grey

More optionsVIMLE 2-seat sofa

VIMLE 2-seat sofa, Hallarp beigeVIMLE 2-seat sofa, Gunnared beigeVIMLE 2-seat sofa, Saxemara black-blue

More optionsVIMLE 2-seat sofa

VIMLE 2-seat sofa, with wide armrests/Gunnared beigeVIMLE 2-seat sofa, with wide armrests/Hallarp beigeVIMLE 2-seat sofa, with wide armrests/Saxemara light blue

More optionsJÄTTEBO 2-seat modular sofa

JÄTTEBO 2-seat modular sofa, Samsala grey-beigeJÄTTEBO 2-seat modular sofa, Tonerud grey

More optionsJÄTTEBO 2-seat modular sofa

JÄTTEBO 2-seat modular sofa, with headrest/Tonerud greyJÄTTEBO 2-seat modular sofa, with headrest/Samsala dark yellow-green
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