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Wooden toys

Shift Playtime From Cell Phones To The Real World

In this age of tablets and phones, a set of good, old-fashioned wooden toys gives your child a break from tech and develops their thinking and motor skills, while keeping them entertained. You can get your little ones our DUKTIG toy kitchen to motivate their dreams of being a master chef or gift them our LILLABO train set to see their imagination soar. Want toys to be educational? Our MULA abacus helps them learn math and colours. These toys, like our LUSTIGT wheel of fortune, lets you play along with your kid and spend quality time with them. 

Let Your Kids Learn While They Play

Give your kids’ eyes a break from staring at the screen and let them learn while having fun with our wooden toys range. There’s the birch DUKTIG mini kitchen that’s perfect for your super chef. Its adjustable height lets it grow with your child. We’ve designed the hob lights to turn off and on but not get warm, so your little chefs and bakers think they’re actually cooking a meal. Or you can get the LILLABO 45-piece train set, complete with tiny buildings and trees - your little one can have so much fun with it while letting their imagination and motor skills develop at the same time. Want to spend some quality time with your kid? Set up a family game night with our LUSTIGT wheel of fortune. Psst! You can get creative and sneak them into doing the chores too! And if educational wooden toys are going to be your pick, the MULA abacus not just keeps your kid amused but also teaches them a thing or two about basic math and colours. 

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