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Arts & crafts

Bring Out The Artist In Your Kid

Get your kids to play with our arts & crafts collection - they not only keep your little ones occupied but also help develop concentration and creativity. Let them have fun with our LUSTIGT weaving loom set that helps develop their motor skills while passing the time or get them to think out-of-the-box with our colourful PYSSLA beads. Got a tiny artist on your hands? They will love the MÅLA range of art supplies like our easel, watercolour box, and paints. Playtime has never looked more fun!

Lets Your Kids Play With The Best Toy - Their Imagination!

Make sure your kids never get bored with our collection of arts & crafts supplies. Your little ones will love our LUSTIGT weaving loom set. A shoelace or small bag for their toys, whatever they weave, the loom set hones their motor skills and concentration while they’re at it. Or you can get them to play with our multicoloured PYSSLA beads - they can arrange them into funky patterns on the bead shape or create a cute friendship band for their buddies. Got a budding Picasso in the house? They will be delighted with our MÅLA range of arts & crafts! Gift them our non-toxic watercolours. They are easy to mix, and the cups hold steady in the box. Let them unleash their creativity with the MÅLA paints and brushes and get to creating a new masterpiece. Want to encourage your kids to do their chores? Get the MÅLA easel and add in some whiteboard pens and chalks - they will love to write on it! It’s easy to move too, so your kid can play teacher under your watchful eye.

Want to join in the fun? Get our family & card games to spend quality time with your little one!