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Role play

Let Your Kid Live Out Their Dreams

Keep your little one occupied while giving wings to their imagination with our collection of role-play toys. Created from safe, kid-friendly materials these toys let them act out their fantasy of being the next master chef, a savvy businessperson, or the most flattering one, you! Let them pretend to cook a family dinner with their DUKTIG toy kitchen or run a shop with the toy cash register. Allow your kids to unleash their creative side with our HUSET doll furniture or playhouse with the 12-piece LÅTSAS shopping basket. Our toys make playtime a way for them to learn. 

Play Pretend Has Never Been This Fun

Spark your kid’s imagination with our fun and educational role-play toys. We’ve created them from durable, non-toxic materials that are safe for your child to use. Your kid will love our DUKTIG toy kitchen if they dream of being a master chef someday. You can even adjust its height to make the kitchen grow with your child. So let them turn on the realistic-looking hob lights on or off and pretend to cook you a delicious meal. Got a tiny businessperson on your hands? Get them our DUKTIG toy cash register that lets them play shop. With a fully functional calculator, it’s a great way to teach your kids about money. Unleash the creative spirit in your child with our HUSET doll furniture. Let them decorate the living and bedroom sets as they desire, and adorn them with drawings they can colour and cut out from the package! And if your little one loves to mimic you or playhouse, our 12 piece LÅTSAS role-play shopping basket, full of soft toys shaped like groceries, lets them imitate the adults in their life. 

Want to keep your kids active? We’ve got physical play toys too!