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Physical play

Toys To Keep Your Kid Active

Want to get your kids away from their tablets and phones? Get our colourful physical play toys to get them interested in games. Other than the virtual ones, of course! Your child and their imaginations can run wild in the HEMMAHOS children’s tent, have fun indoors with the LUSTIGT basket hoop or stay protected while they jump and tumble with our PLUFSIG gym mat. Let your child play, fall, and rise, our toys help develop their motor skills and sense of balance too. 

Let Your Kids Play, Jump, Fall, And Rise - And Let Our Toys Help!

Encourage your little ones to get moving with the help of our physical play toys. They are fun, colourful, and motivate your kid to stay active and not sit still using their phones. Our HEMMAHOS children’s tent caravan stimulates their imagination. Let them run around in it or pretend to drive their caravan to desserts, seas, and forests - the HEMMAHOS is a whole lot of fun! Or you can get the LUSTIGT basket hoop to keep them occupied when it’s raining outside. Set up a game to see who gets the ball in the most times or use it to get their chores done, the basket hoop doubles as a hamper too. And as we know how much kids love to jump and somersault, and how many times they take a tumble, our soft PLUFSIG gym mat keeps them protected. You can also get our SPARKA ball to spend some time playing catch with your tot. The SPARKA physical play toy is soft and light, so your little one doesn’t get hurt. 

We’ve also got role-play toys for the more imaginative kids and family & card games for some parent-child bonding time.