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Toy storage

Makes Cleaning Up Child’s Play!

Let your little ones learn to pick up after themselves with our easy-to-use toy storage collection that keeps their spaces free of clutter. You can choose a single case or multiple boxes and frame combination from our TROFAST range - it grows along with your kid! Our STUVA / FRITIDS not only finds a dust-free home for your kid’s toys, but it also works as a bench if your little ones decide they are tired of playing. The storage units are pint-sized too, so your child doesn’t have a problem in reaching them. 

A Place For Their Teddy Bears, Dolls And Toy Cars Too

While playtime is fun, picking up after your child can be exhausting - this is why we’ve designed our toy storage so that your little ones can learn to keep their rooms clean. Our TROFAST storage combination comes with a sturdy wooden frame and lightweight plastic boxes. Just teach your little one to put back their dolls, cars, and teddies into the boxes and slide them into the grooves on the frame. It’s the perfect height for a child too! And when your kid or their toy collection grows, you can always add more units. The STUVA / FRITIDS lets you create a cosy reading nook for your kid while keeping their toys safe. We've designed the storage box to double as a bench and built it with integrated fronts and handles so your little one’s prized possessions are protected from the dust. It is easy for you or your child to open the box to dump their toys in, and it's just the right height for them to climb aboard comfortably with a book. 

Let them fill in these toy treasure boxes with a hoard from our soft toys and wooden toys collection!