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Side plates

Side Kicks That Might just Steal The Spotlight!

Side plates for sandwiches for breakfast or appetizers for dinner - our collection of side plates come in different styles and colours so you pick the ones that match your table setting. Check out the OFANTLIGT side plates made of feldspar porcelain - it’ll easily match with your existing porcelain. It has a slim, elegant design and yet is sustainable and durable. For a little modern touch, check out the KRUSTAD side plate made of porcelain - it’s impact resistant and durable so it’ll last you a long time. And there’s the TALRIKA side plate made of renewable plastic - it’s perfect to take along for outdoor picnics or even for your little ones when they’re ready to sit with you at the dinner table!

Side Dishes To Serve In Style

Side plates add a lot of functionality to your table setting. And our collection of side plates comes in different shapes and materials so you pick the one that suits your existing dinnerware collection or build your own from our collection. To start with, check out the OFANTLIGT side plate that’s made of porcelain. Simple yet festive, it’s raised edges give it a stylish look just like the ones in fancy restaurants. Or get the TALRIKA side plate that comes as a set of 4 - it adds a lot of colour to your table setting making it look aesthetic and pleasant. And since they’re stackable, they take less space when not in use. Or there are the BACKIG set of 4 side plates - its dark, black, glossy finish will make anything look good sitting on it! It’s made of stoneware so it’s highly resistant to chipping. Or to bring some floral design to the table, check out the MEDLEM side plates. The side plates have pretty blue flowers on a white background that makes it stand out. You can complete the dinnerware by picking matching bowls and plates from the same series!

Check out our collection of plates to go along with your favourite side plates!