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Dinnerware sets

Special Guests Or Everyday Dinners - Our Dinnerware’s Got You Served! 

A late Sunday brunch or a candlelit dinner for two - our collection of dinnerware has something for you no matter what the occasion. Check out the UPPLAGA 18-piece dinner set that includes plates, bowls, and side plates. It’s made of porcelain and has soft, ruffled edges that give it a timeless look. Or check out the VÄRDERA 18-piece dinner set - the plates and side plates have raised edges so nothing spills out. And for a simple yet elegant table setting, check out the IKEA 365+ 18-piece dinner set - it’s durable and impact resistant making it perfect for everyday use!

Whatever You Cook Gotta Look Good In These Dinnerware Sets!

With lots of different styles, sizes, and colours - you can pick one (or two) dinner sets from our collection to add a personal touch to the dinner table. Check out the UPPLAGA 18-piece set, it’s fancy enough for when special guests come over but also simple enough for everyday use. It’s soft, ruffled edges give your table setting a rural, rustic style. And then there’s the IKEA 365+ dinner set. Its plates and side plates have raised edges so your food doesn’t easily spill and stays inside. It’s durable so it’s perfect for day-to-day use as well. Or check out the DINERA 18-piece dinner set - made from matt-glazed stoneware, you can pick from different colour or mix and match different colours to build your own dinner set. With muted colours and simple shapes, it gives a simple yet elegant look to your table. Or check out the FÄRGRIK dinner set - it’s simple and functional design makes it easy to coordinate with other colours and shapes. 

And while you’re at it, check out our collection of glassware to go with your dinnerware