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Deep plates

What’s Better Than Deep Conversations Over A Steaming Bowl Of Chicken Stew

Our collection of deep plates come in a wide mix of colours, sizes, and shapes so you can find one that fits the occasion perfectly! Check out our KRUSTAD deep plate made from feldspar porcelain - it’s durable and impact resistant so it’s good for everyday use as well. Or we have the TALRIKA deep plate - made of renewable plastic, it’s perfect for picnics at the park or even for your little ones when they’re are ready to sit with you at the dinner table. And for your special guests, we have the UPPLAGA deep plate - the soft, ruffled edges give this deep plate a rustic, rural vibe.

Serve In Style, Eat In Style

Deep plates are a versatile choice to have since you can use it as a plate for your salad or as a bowl for your steaming hot pasta! Check out the KRUSTAD deep plate made of porcelain - use it to have cereal in the morning, or fruit salad in the evening, or even chicken soup for dinner. It’s durable and impact resistant so it’s perfect for everyday use! And then there’s the BACKIG deep plate - no matter what you’re serving, it’s going to absolutely delicious in this collection of dark, black, glossy dinnerware. It’s made from tempered glass so it’s resistant to chipping. Or check out the STRIMMIG deep plate made of stoneware. Match the rest of the dinnerware from the same series or create a colourful table setting by mixing and matching plates and bowls from the same series. And to match with your existing porcelain, we have the VÄRDERA deep plate. It has a soft square shape, giving your table setting a clean yet timeless look

Build the rest of your dinnerware by matching plates and bowls from the same series!