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Looking For Glasses? - Cheers To That! 

Our range of glasses will get you thirsty for more - check out the SPORADISK range, we gave the clear glasses a check pattern to make it a little fun! For plain crystalline glasses (that look like crystal), check out the STORSINT series - its bowl shape at the bottom allows aromas and flavours to develop. For a little versatility, check out the IVRIG series - water, juice, or red wine, these glasses will rise up to any occasion. 

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Orange Juice, Red Wine, Or Just Water - We Have A Glass For Every Occasion 

Glasses express your personality, decorate your table and add to the theme of the occasion. special glasses for your get-togethers or simple ones for everyday use - our range of glasses has a mix for everything. The SPORADISK series is made of clear glass but we gave it thin graphs to make it look just a bit interesting. We also made it dishwasher-safe so you can join in on the fun while you leave the cleaning up to your dishwasher. For something fancy - our personal favourite - FLIMRA glasses. We gave the clear, patterned glass a beautiful light blue gradient - you can even use it to serve desserts since it has a wide shape. For something catchy, check out the handmade glasses from the FABULÖS series. The blue spot on the clear glass gives it a unique look and will definitely look good on your dinner table. Or you can even choose your favourite pattern from the FRAMKALLA series.

There is nothing ordinary about the everyday

Daily use glasses may not be glamorous, but choose well-designed glasses that delight the eye. Daily use glasses are more often stacked up in cabinets than artfully arranged for display. Buying glasses that are easily stackable reduces the cabinet space that they require for storage. Timeless design goes well with all kinds of dinnerware and is also appealing to look at. The most basic design with a splash of colour or a decorative feature looks very appealing while still being very practical. Dishwasher safe glasses are essential for ease of daily use. 

Think hot and cold

We enjoy all kinds of beverages in a glass. From a chilled lassi to a piping hot coffee, choose the right glass for the right drink. Hot drinks must be served in tempered glassware. A design such as the POKAL glass looks attractive and is shaped to be easy to hold while also holding beverages up to a maximum temperature of 120°C. Chilled drinks call for a tall easy to grip glass that can hold ice and the drink. 

Glasses that showcase their contents

Glassware lets the contents take centre stage. Serving desserts in glassware creates a visual treat. Choose a glass with a wide mouth to enable you to create and eat your sweet masterpiece easily. Wine can be served in glasses as well as stemware. A glass with a rounded base allows the flavours of the wine to fully develop. 

Crystal-like sparkle with practical features

The most distinctive sound of a toast is the bell-like clinking together of glasses. Choose glassware that is designed to be as clear and beautiful as crystal glass for special occasions. The DYRGRIP Glass even gives you the bell-like crystal sound in lead-free glass material. Unlike high maintenance crystal glasses, you can put these glasses into the dishwasher after the party. 

Decorative glasses add colour and fun to the occasion

We garnish drinks to add a decorative touch. Glasses that have coloured prints serve the purpose just as well. Handmade glasses add a touch of craftsmanship and luxury to your table. The fact that each handmade glass was painstakingly hand made by a skilled craftsman makes it all more special to use.Make the most basic lemonade look delightful by serving in coloured glasses. Combine glasses from the same design in different colours to serve up a tray that looks like a rainbow. The distinctive blue colour of the VARDAGEN glasses paired with a simple dinnerware makes an eye-catching table setting. 

Get a good grip

Buy glasses that are thoughtfully designed so that they are a pleasure to use. A glass should be shaped in such a way that it sits comfortably in your hand. A glass with a thick bottom adds heft and has a unique feeling when you lift it. Thin crystalline glasses that are easy to grip and catch the light are a joy to use. The OMTÄNKSAM glass is tall enough to hold plenty of ice and has a shape that lets you get a good firm grip on the glass. 

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