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Not a luxury, a dishwasher is more than just a good to have essential. It’s a trusted time saver, a practical personal helper, a reliable sanitizer. We all know the feeling of dishes piling up in the kitchen while we’re hosting dinner for friends. It’s a nuisance – but dishwashers or a dish washing machine never complain at being loaded with the plates and glasses of a merry get-together. This means you can return to the party and enjoy those precious moments with loved ones.

Your diligent dishwasher will return your dishes sparkling clean, just as efficient and effortless every time. The icing on the cake? Letting the dishwasher do the job helps the planet by saving water. Speaking of cake…fancy a slice? Our machines will handle dishes - don’t worry about it.

Integrated dishwasher to match your style

Kitchen appliances are practical and often necessary. But let’s face it, they’re not often very pretty. That’s why integrated solutions are great. With an integrated dishwasher, you hide your appliance behind a cupboard door and make it a seamless part of your kitchen décor. The dimensions of the dishwasher you choose should fit perfectly into your modular kitchen under a countertop or placed within a cabinet. You can choose the cabinet door to match the rest of the kitchen cabinets exactly. A dishwasher that lets you customise the worktop, door, handles and other components will be easier to integrate into the rest of the kitchen.

You can also find other integrated appliances that will match your kitchen perfectly. Have a look at our integrated fridge freezers for instance. With integrated solutions, you get all the practicality you need without compromising your style.

Size and capacity

We have two standard sizes of dishwashers. Either 60 cm wide, or 45 cm wide. The wider size is suitable for most households since it takes 12-15 place sittings; roughly all the dishes from three meals from a family of four. The slimmer dishwasher fits 7-10 place sittings, making it a good choice for a smaller single household or a couple.

If you’re not sure how to plan, measure and fit a dishwasher in your kitchen, try our kitchen planning service. We can also help you with questions regarding electricity and water, both of which are needed to install a dishwasher.

Different settings for different requirements

Dishwashers use minimal water. If you want to save more water when running a load, choose a dishwasher that features an eco wash. While daily dishes get thoroughly cleaned in the normal cycle, a biryani lunch might call for a little extra muscle in doing the dishes. Choose a dishwasher with a particular wash programme for the days when your dishes need a more intensive clean. Control over the temperature setting allows the use of hotter water if the dishes need it.

Select a dishwasher that has a capacity that is appropriate for your family. The proper size ensures that you run one load of dishes in the washer instead of having to split them into different loads. The SKINANDE integrated dishwasher can wash 13 place settings in one load. Not all dishes are sized the same. Select a dishwasher that allows adjustment of the racks to fit in taller or larger dishes. The more flexible the dish arrangement, the better you will fit in all your glassware and dishes.

Best energy saving ratings

Dishwashers with higher energy saving ratings are kinder to our environment and your wallet too. Choose a dishwasher with the highest rating possible to reap maximum benefits and reduce your water and electricity utility bills. The SKINANDE integrated dishwasher is an energy efficiency class: A+ appliance. It also features a water stop system to stop the water flow in case any leakage is detected. This efficient dishwasher has an energy consumption of 1.04 kWh/standard cycle, eco programme and water consumption of 11 litres/standard cycle in the eco programme.

Dishwashing by hand is not the quietest of affairs. Dishwashers are quieter than hand washing, but some units may be noisy enough to cause irritation. If you are particular about the noise level, check the noise rating and select the quietest dishwashers. The average dishwasher has a noise level of 75 to 80 dB. The SKINANDE integrated dishwasher has a noise level of 51 dB (A) which is relatively quiet. The dishwasher indicates that it has completed the cycle with a muffled sound. A quiet dishwasher is essential if you work or study in the kitchen or have an open plan home.

Sturdy and built to last

Dishwashers get used every day, and their quality and durability are essential. A dishwasher made of sturdy materials and strong and sturdy racks will better bear the daily wear and tear they are subjected to. Dishwashers that are sturdily built are also less noisy than others. A dishwasher that uses high-quality steel fittings will be the best choice.

Detailed information

On each dishwashers’ product page, you’ll find detailed information about the product. Learn useful things, like which programs the dishwasher offers, how loud it is when in use and how energy efficient it is. Check it out to learn practical information that helps you choose the right dishwasher for your needs.