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Speciality glassware

Glasses Worthy Of Your Drinks

Give your guests something to talk about as you serve up your champagnes and wines in our specialty glassware. The KONUNGSLIG pink glasses are perfect for sparkling wines as they keep the bubbles longer while our SVALKA set of 6 is excellent for larger groups. Mouthblown by expert craftsmen, the glasses in these ranges are all unique. You can choose our crystalline STORSINT glass as you sit back and enjoy your beer or the straight FRASERA glass for your more creative cocktails.

Get Your Glasses Clinking!

Planning a romantic date? Or a barbecue or brunch with friends? Serve your drinks with our range of specialty glassware. Wine and dine with your loved one with our KONUNGSLIG pink champagne glasses that make the bubbles last longer with their tall, slender shape. Each of the glasses is unique as it is mouthblown by an expert craftsman. As is our SVALKA range, a set of 6 clear champagne glasses, perfect for when there are more guests. Pour yourself a cold beer or whiskey with our lead-free, crystalline STORSINT glasses. We’ve designed them to be spacious at the bottom so that your liquor is properly aerated, enhancing its flavour. And for your cocktails and mocktails, you can use our FRASERA glass. Tall and straight, it is the perfect container for your colder drinks. So raise a toast with our specialty glassware!